Disorder & Knowledge at the Performance Coaching Conference

WP_000851Perhaps a bizarre title but it’s exactly what I learned from an excellent Performance Coaching Conference with British Triathlon this weekend. So many talented speakers, great knowledge and enthusiasm to raise our standards, and give the people we work with the very best.  Below are a few of my Golden Nuggets which I took away… I hope you enjoy them!

The main theme was to empower others to be their best and develop their own strength and power, really excited about this as #empower is my Energised Word for the Year.  So a good start and synchronicity with Zara Hydra Peters and Brendan Purcell, with the opening speech.  Paul Manning then spoke about developing the strongest, fastest, fittest team, always refining and reviewing what they are doing, as well as being yourself, having a clear vision and always developing.  Do you have a clear vision about what you are doing & why, and are you refining all the time to be your best?

Dr Chris Cushion then highlighted the importance of perception and action, are you doing what you think you are doing? Or are you just thinking about doing it, and not actually doing it?  Do you review yourself so you can improve and push those boundaries to become better? It takes 8 weeks to change a habit, carrying out the activity at least 3 times per week, then you need the awareness to embed that change of habit.  I think most people are aware of this physically, but are you aware of it mentally?  Take action and allow the pursuit of excellence to become your habit. Dr Jamie Pringle enhanced these thoughts, are said training is principally an act of faith. A good thought, do you have faith in what you are doing right now, and will it take you on the path you want to be on? Are you engaged and empowered?  He talked a lot more about physiology & training too, insightful.

Dr Patrick Wheeler and Physiotherapist Lucy Follett then discussed performance, with the key message I fully support as recovery being the key with quality, consistent training specific sessions, rather than just volume. Training is easy, recovery is hard but make it happen. Log your well being and mood, sleep and energy as well as your training, something we do with our Energised athletes as standard practise, get the whole picture to deliver excellence. Make time for regular sports massage, foam roll regularly, work on your weaknesses as well as develop your strengths, stay well hydrated, wash your hands properly, use Vicks Spray if travelling long haul, boost up your vitamin C & D and get good quality sleep, all good tips. For those working with young athletes there were good points on adapting the training during growth cycles, let me know if you want to know more.

We then had the pleasure of an open and frank discussion with the Team behind the Men’s Winning Team at London 2012, Malcolm Brown MBE, Jack Maitland and Ben Bright. So many points raised but here are some snippets of inspiration. Be systematic, develop the best communication lines possible, develop trust, honesty and openness and learn from your failures.  Keep perspective on life, get a good support team around you, work with pride, passion and integrity…. so much more but that’s in my vision notebook! Bring on Rio 2016 that’s all I can say…

Finally we were treated with the keynote Speaker, Stewart Hill, Former Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army, discharged on medical grounds and now a successful and skilled leadership speaker.  A round up of what he talked about would not do him justice, but what I can say is I went to a coaching conference a few year’s ago about the power of being human and showing your audience this.  Nothing reflected this more than Stewart’s presentation & story.  He highlighted the importance of having a Vision, the ability to embrace disorder to become better, to learn mindfulness and awareness, to be decisive, have courage and to be calm.

I could write on, but I think this is about the length you will read!  Yes it was a Performance Coaching Conference with British Triathlon, but I think anyone could have taken a huge amount away from the day to empower you, and the people around you to be their best, and have courage to create some disorder to get even better results, happiness and contentment in life, sport and work.   I could have written about the technical & physiological aspects of the day, but I hope this provokes thought for you to enhance your skills, awareness and action in whatever you do, to make the rest of this year really count.

A massive thank you to Paul Moss and the British Triathlon Coaching Team for a great event, and I would love to hear your thoughts on my blog below, or post a question on Twitter @kimingleby

Big Well Done to Stuart Hayes coming 8th & Jodie Stimpson coming 2nd at the first World Championship Race of the Year, good work.

Next Blog up… day 2 of the weekend, Reading Half Marathon with Team Mizuno Evo later this week!