Will I become Stronger?

Glasgow 2012 Kim RacingA mini post, following a great course with Phil Richards Performance Ltd & Advanced Fascia Training in January I am taking action!  I am fine tuning all our programmes to give our clients the edge, plus I am testing things out so I can really give great advice, which I know works.

There is lots of evidence out there, both ways about Mercury fillings, but the facts that Phil Richards gave me were interesting.  So I have done my research and decided there is no harm getting my one tiny mercury filling removed, and possibly a whole load of gain! So, I’m just back from my brilliant dentist (who happens to be a client, Ashley Down Dental Care if you are in Bristol check it out), and I will let you know if I become  feeling stronger and more energised…. I would welcome your thoughts and experiences too.

In line with my progress and learning, I am off to listen to Masaru Emoto’s Talk on Tuesday 19th March at the Ishbourne Centre in Cheltenham to learn about his research and extensive studies around water, emotions and the power it has.  My Mum, Tess first gave me his book, and Phil reinforced the power of water and our thoughts in our bodies, as they are around 70% water. So I look forward to updating you about this too.

I’m then off to meet Jade & Jill Teta for an Advanced Metabolic & Hormonal Course, followed by the IFS Conference in Blackpool where I won Personal Trainer of the Year in 2007!  That seems like ages ago, but why I share that is because I still passionately love what I do, am constantly learning to progress my knowledge to give you, my clients the very best.

This weekend see’s me at the Triathlon High Performance Conference for experienced Level 2 (me) and Level 3 Coaches, the line up looks amazing, and then I head to Reading Half Marathon to run for the UK Super Mizuno Team (Minimalist EVO Time – find out more here:http://ow.ly/iaKlu  .  I will be happy to be on the start line, and then cross the finish line having only had a month of training following treatments etc.

So it’s a busy few weeks of learning before Easter, but this is what I love to do.  And I know come April you will all gain from my updated knowledge and look forward to sharing, blogging and meeting you.

Will I become stronger? Yes I will. Because learning stretches our boundaries, both physically and mentally, so if I am aware I can only choose to become stronger in mind and body, because that is my intention.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, and if you are at any of these events please do come and say hello, and if you are in Bristol please come to our Comic Relief Big Bootcamp on Good Friday (8.30-10am) and our Spring Meal on 8th April. Plus Spring April Intensive Courses coming tomorrow (check the calender).

Save the 17th May for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in Bristol (let me know if you are keen, or know a school keen to be involved) and come and visit us and take part in my presentation’s at B-Fit/Body Power 18th/19th May.nutrition

Happy times, let us know what you are up to as we Spring into Spring!  Tweet me @kimingleby too…

ps. I know I owe you a blog on my learnings from my treatments, that is coming soon.  Plus my latest Running Bug Blog has had over 3,000 clicks, thank you for reading it, any requests do let me know.