What I learned when you have to Stop.

111008165046_H(2)‘Anything is Possible, you just have to have the courage to believe it, and the commitment to change’

I promised I would write this little blog about what I have  learned over the last two years. A bit of a side step from my usual blogs but I hope you find it insightful and useful, do comment and let me know, I love to hear your thoughts.

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Life is a wonderful jumble of good times, challenging times, fun, laughter, tears and joy.  You never really know what is round the corner, and whilst I advocate planning your goals, and creating a path, you have to be flexible and in the moment too.  Some people will find the planning easy, others being in the moment.  Whatever, life happens and you can be sure, just as the challenging times will pass, so will the good.  So it’s what you learn from the challenges, and what you enjoy from the good, that allows you to stay on the path to achieving your goals & dreams in life.

So where am I going with this ramble!  Well, from January 2010 – February 2013 I had a variety of cervical treatments, tests and appointments, nothing to the scale of many wonderful people out there who have overcome huge challenges. But enough to put me under pressure, and make me feel a little ‘faulty’.  Now with all my training, mental strength coaching and well being knowledge I found this even more challenging, as I felt I ‘should’ be able to fix it, and I was letting my body & mission of my business down.  Now whilst consciously I know this is not true, it’s funny where your mind goes when you are under stress.  Even if you understand fully how stress affects you, this almost made it worse!

The second year I was training for the UK Ironman for my best friend to raise money for Sands for her little angel Ashley (and checked with the Doctor this was fine – read my journey with Sportsister here; http://www.sportsister.com/blogs/kim-ingleby/),  we had an interesting time in Italy being sprayed with a rohypnol mix whilst we slept and having everything stolen & I had to make changes to the business.  So there was quite a lot of pressures.

beautyThis kind of sets the scene to then explain how in February 2013 I was finally cleared (whilst being on a 5 year programme), & it was only in that moment I realised that I had felt under huge pressure!  Pressure to fix myself, to get myself into the best place for my clients, pressure to be, look and feel fit to be the best representation for Energised.

And then, after taking a week off I realised that actually being human (Nigel Risner told me this) and being real is far more important.  The fact that training had taken a maintenance ‘seat’ since September was exactly what I needed to do, to heal my body and mind.   It doesn’t really matter where stress is coming from, taking time out and listening to yourself is key.  I fully believe that everything happens for a reason, and what you learn from the challenges ultimately makes you a stronger, more aware, happier person & as a Coach, a more empathetic, effective, knowledgeable Coach.

Kimpossible is a name one of my wonderful clients gave me in 2010.  A timely naming. I hope that by sharing the human aspect of ‘Energised Kim’ it helps other’s to realise that whilst everyone has perceptions of what life might be like for someone else, you are not that someone.  Observe others and take the positive learnings they give you, and let go of any fears attached.  Listen and respect your body & mind always.  As Stewart Hill from the Triathlon Conference (previous blog) said, you sometimes have to create Disorder for a change, and new more effective, positive order to appear.

So my mind and body is strong.  Many people have asked, ‘what’s your big challenge this year then?’  And my answer really is I’m just getting my fitness levels back , and having fun… i’ll let you know if a few weeks but the key is well being & strength inside & out (I love adventures and experiences so I’m sure you will find a few things appearing!!).

It’s also a year of developing some great things with Energised like my Expert role for Pink Lady Apples and Race for Life & our campaign to get as many women doing the Race for the first time (do sign up, really anyone can do it –http://raceforlife.pinkladyapples.co.uk/uncategorized/team-pink-lady-and-kimpossible/ ) and our Bristol Jamie Oliver, Food Revolution Day on 17th May (again, let me know if you want to be involved).

I could write more about the learnings I have had in life, the human aspect of me, but right now,  it’s way more important for me that you read this, and reflect on where you are at right now in your life.  I leave you with two questions.

* Are you really well & happy, in your mind, body and soul?  

* Do you wake feel full of good energy, and go to sleep feeling calm and restful?

If the answer is no, what can you do to begin to change this, little, consistent changes and if you are not sure, let me know & I will help you.

After Running Reading Half Marathon on 17th March 2013, have a read about my learning & 7 Top Tips for Gaining the Most from your Worst Running Race! (live from 28/03) visit my Running Bug Blog: http://therunningbug.co.uk/rbblogs/energised-running-thoughts/b/weblog/default.aspx

For my Charity Page for Jo’s Cervical Trust & more information click here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/energisedperformance

‘Dream more than others think is practical, Expect more than other’s think is possible. Care more than others think is wise’ Schultz, Founder of Starbucks