Balance & Barefoot

coachesIf you have read a couple of my previous blogs you will know I have been asked to test the Mizuno Minimalist Shoes, leading up to Reading Half Marathon.  This is a brilliant opportunity and caused a lot of conversation with my clients when I have appeared, in what they have described as slippers!  

The Mizuno Evo is rather like a slipper yet truly helps you to run more efficiently.  If you would like to find out more click here: They also come in a range of brilliant colours, which many people have commented is unusual and positive for Mizuno. If you check out their whole range, then you will find they have revamped them all, technically excellent and looking great (and no, not paid to say that!!).

Along the journey of testing the Evo’s I have discovered a few things that are different to more ‘neutral’ running.  My calves and buttocks are working more efficiently, which is an excellent thing. Your buttocks are one of the biggest muscles in the body, and if they work effectively you will have more power, stability and reduce the risk of injury to the knee’s. One of the top benefits of minimalist running.  However, like anything you have to look after & listen to your body, don’t be tempted to rush the transition.  

So the transition to minimalist and a change in shoe (just the same as coming back from injury) is to strengthen all the muscles, fascia and ligaments in the foot, legs and core (which includes all your stomach, back and gluteals), so basically all your muscles!  Combined with this, you must progress consistently and make the time to stretch and foam roll to prevent adaption niggles occurring.  If you keep an eye on all of these areas , you will find you effortlessly transition into your minimalist shoes and gain the rewards.  If you are not used to running mid to forefoot, and need to strengthen your core and balance I would recommend at least three – six months transition time.

Here are a few running drills which should help to improve your running biomechanics when starting out:

Here are a few piece of kit which I think are essential to prevent injuries…

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I look forward to updating you all in a week’s time with some more minimalist tips.. in the meantime if you do have any questions please do post below or send me a tweet: @kimingleby 

Happy Energised Running!