Barefoot? What story do you feet tell….

EVOI remember running around barefoot as a child.  Do you? 

We used to run about the farm in Scotland & Zimbabwe, the beaches and the fields.  Somehow your feet as a child seemed to adapt and rarely (aside from the odd bumble bee i remember standing on) did you feel any pain or discomfort.  And as a child, you seemed to be able to run quickly, easily and effortlessly.  

I have often wondered, is this because you run around effortlessly, not worrying about what you do with your arms and legs, so it just happens naturally, or is it because generally you are sitting around less, so your muscles are less tight and your body can move freely?  We could look at the science, but I am just really reflecting on what I think made me run ‘free’ as a child. 

Now I was fortunate to be brought up on a farm, so this undoubtedly helps and if I was brought up in a city would my feet be different and would I run differently?  Equally, if I was brought up in Kenya where some of the world’s fastest runner’s reside, would things be different.  There are so many questions to think about. I worked with a girl who was on Last Women Standing, who had been brought up in Kenya, her preferred choice was always barefoot and her feet loved it..

And then there is society and the expectation of what to wear on your lovely feet!  Do you choose to wear heels (mainly a problem for the ladies but no always), a style of shoe that squashes your toes or a variety of shoes which undoubtedly challenges the fascia in the foot?  

If you are thinking about barefoot running, as a sports therapist these are all the kind things I would ask my client first to establish what is ‘normal’ for them and to gauge their motivation to change. Yes, we need to analyse the bio mechanics & gait of the person, but first I like to understand the back ground to their feet. The story their feet would tell….. maybe that is a blog itself, the story of your feet.

So as I test out the Mizuno Evo’s and compare these with my usual shoes I think about just that. What is the story your feet would tell? Do you look after your feet and give them time? Stretch, roll, massage and look after them? 

If you choose to go barefoot, or not, make time to look after your feet & let us know your feet’s story below! 

My next blog about barefoot running will be more technical and look at some of the key muscles you need to strengthen to go bare… any questions do let me know…