#ThursdayTherapy offer from Sports Therapist Becky…..

Becky Coach

As you know we have new Sports Therapist Becky working with us at EP HQ, she is available Wednesday evenings from 5pm to 8pm. Becky is offering a new year deal for a limited time……

3 x 30mins sessions for £49

 A number of our clients are already planning and booking their events for this year and regular sports massage is great for injury prevention &improved performance, especially in this cold weather where muscles take longer to warm up properly.

Common injuries from training include….

  • Various forms of Shin Splints & Plantar Fascial problems
  • Runners Knee and ligament problems
  • ITB Pain, Hip flexor and pelvic tightness
  • Tennis Elbow, Frozen Shoulder and mobility problems
  • Regular Cramps, aches and niggles
  • Impact injuries (rugby, cycling etc)
  • Tendonitis & Achilles Problems
  • Chronic Back & Postural Problems
  • Biomechanical Problems
  • And many more……..

Build strength & fitness for the coming year and take advantage of the Offer with our Sports Therapist Becky to help you with any issues, improve your performance & reduce the risk of injury. Becky will be at EP HQ (12 Harbury Rd, Bristol) on Wednesdays 5pm to 8pm, email directly at energisedbecky@gmail.com or tweet @beckynattress

Offer available until 5th February, book yours now…….

3 x 30mins sessions for £49