Taking Time Out & an Inspirational Link

I popped up to the Bonnie Land of Scotland at the weekend, this is where I was born and where a large amount of my family still live.  I was fortunate to be brought up on a farm, and every time I head up North, I appreciate taking Time Out to reflect, relax and re charge is.  There is very little reception on the farm, and the computer & TV is a room out of the way, so it really is peace and quiet.  A great place to relax, yet also gain clarity and set clear goals. Plus run around the hills in the mud! 

With this in mind… when was the last time you switched off your phone?  Logged off Facebook, Twitter, Linked IN and all the other devices?  When did you last switch the TV off?  I don’t really do any more than what I need to with work, but it is still quite a lot.  How about challenging yourself to have a Social Media Diet for the Week!  It may not be relevant to you, and if so, just imagine the things you would really like to do this week?   What would you do with that extra time?  Would you call a friend, go and visit someone, go for a walk, write a journal, read a book, stretch, dream, re energise, move your body?  What would it be? Try it, you may be surprised what you achieve. 

Just a little thought for the day. 

And if you need a little more inspiration, click on this link below.  Mallory was just a normal girl, until a routine injection changed her life forever.  She focuses on what you CAN Do, not what you Can’t.  I challenge  you to do the same this Autumn.  Have a watch and share what you think.  A Big Thank you to Dee, my client who shared this positive, moving clip. 

Be inspired by Mallory: http://youtu.be/tstm1NPl1Zw

For an Autum Audit of your Goals, click on my Running Bug Blog and have a read too: http://therunningbug.co.uk/rbblogs/energised-running-thoughts/b/weblog/archive/2012/08/30/autumn-audit-of-your-goals-to-improve-performance.aspx