Stretch your Training

EP Coach Alex fills us in on his thoughts about Stretching…. Vital for Optimal Performance, good thoughts and worth a read…  

Having had a recent computer problem I sat to write this blog  Stylus in hand and a smooth  wax tablet ready in front of me!

As I thought about what this short blog should be about I asked myself what key areas are often   overlooked by many that I could advocate the implementation of?   The answer I quickly came to was Flexibility / stretching.


You can walk into almost any gym and find a healthy crowd of people amongst the CV Machines or weights area however this is often not the case in what I guess I would call the “ warm up / cool down areas”. The unfortunate thing about this is that a progressive dynamic warm, a dedication of time to address postural issues and an after training flexibility / stretching routine are in my eyes essential to enhanced performance, recovery and injury prevention.

I don’t intend to go into the concepts of stretching in this blog (that’s going to be the next one) my intentions here are to sew the seed of this idea so that hopefully if there are any readers who may perhaps be guilty of rushing out of the gym to get to work , back to their families etc then they may consider taking some time off the main body of their training sessions  and putting it towards this area.

If you  think of your muscles as elastic bands, when an exertion is placed upon them i.e exercise then they have the potential to tighten, left un checked and repeated over time  then our  rubber band can before we know it come to the point of snapping and injury. By a regular stretching routine then the tightness can be addressed and eased leading to consistent training and progress. Surely it’s better to train for 50 minutes as opposed to an hour than not to train for weeks…?

No matter what sport or training you follow if you take time to analyse the best athletes in that chosen field one of the main things  you will undoubtedly see is that they will a fantastic range of motion and ability to move quickly amongst their planes, this is what helps them to physically gain the edge over their competitors and perform at their peak. Now this may be due to a number of training factors but you can be assured flexibility work played a pivotal role.

There are just a few ideas into stretching , If you have any questions before my next blog then please do ask us! If not then next time your in the gym i urge you to  go and find that quieter area and learn to love it! Or if you are outside stretch up against tree’s,  your car.. the possibilities are endless! Your body will thank you for it 🙂

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