Setting Yourself a Challenge – GOOD LUCK in Copenhagen!

What could you decide, right now,  to do in the last 9-12 months that, when you fulfill would give you a huge sense of achievement, challenge you along the way and allow you the opportunity to meet new people, test your boundaries and grow as a person?

This could be anything – from sporting challenges like the one below, to learning a new skill, reading, writing, overcoming a fear, having more fun… whatever it is I gaurantee you will gain a huge amount from setting a personal ‘big hairy goal’!!

So take a moment this weekend to project forwards to May 2012- September 2012 and decide what you would like to achieved by then.

This Blog is to wish lots of  people I know a very Big GOOD Luck because 9-12 months ago, they did just that – and set a Big Hairy Goal!

This weekend many of the Team Energised clients, BAD Tri Club members, friends and colleagues head out to take part in Challenge Copenhagen – the full distance Ironman, or as part of a relay. I have worked with many of the athletes, combined with their coaches, with sports massage, injury rehab, strength & core conditioning, and Sports NLP – to get them to the start line, in the best possible condition to have their best race on the day!

So I would like to wish everyone taking part the BIGGEST GOOD LUCK – have your best race possible on the day and have FUN!.  Special Energised luck to Debbie & Tim Pocock (‘Team Pocock’), Andy Bullock, Phil Denny, Kate Ross, Chrissie Waplo Nina Killock, Justin Sanderson, Nadia Saba, Will Poole, Andrea Beedles & Katherine Broomhill and all the other BAD Tri gang – go go go!!

I really look forward to hearing all about the adventures, stories and experiences shared.

Good Luck also to Team Energised racing at the Hardwick Triathlon, Millfield Middle Distance – Matt and Co, Swanage Tri (one of my favourite races) and Lake Stevens 70.3 – Jeremy Pollard- may you all enjoy your racing!

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