Just arrived at Energised HQ for Testing…. Alpha Strong

Designed in California to test your functional fitness & allow you to Train. Hard!

Brand new to the UK and kindly given to us by leading fitness supplier & training provider, Jordon (Visit: http://www.jordanfreeweights.com for a huge range of great kit)  The Coaches at Energised are really excited about testing these out! We have had them out at Bootcamp already with great feedback (if a little wary from our clients who sense the potential impact & gain to their training sessions!).

The Sandbag designs come in two sizes – Thy Coach & Thy Beast – allowing functional, versatile and strong training sessions.We don’t have Thy Sandball to test just yet but sure that will follow!

We look forward to updating you next week on our thoughts once fully tested… and training you in the future!

To find out more visit http://www.bealphastrong.com

To buy in the UK & Europe visit: http://www.jordanfreeweights.com/store/category/h9ju/Alpha_Strong.html