Achieve Your Resolutions This Year!….


So its 2008! Wow, I cannot believe that a New Year

is beginning, and those resolutions are being made again. Now, I would like to challenge you to make some that you actually achieve, throughout the year and feel really good!

Take a piece of paper and have a look at your life right now – scoring it out of 10 for how satisfied you feel with the quality of time and current situation with:

* Your family & friends * Your Relationships & Love * Work * Hobbies * Fitness & Health * Finance * Environment & Charity * Personal Development * Fun & Relaxation

You can download this template for free from on the website – have a look on the homepage. Once you have done this, have a look at the three main areas that you would like to change by this time next year. Then write a few goals that you know is possible to achieve – and then make yourself accountable to them! By writing your goals down, and telling someone you are three times more likely to achieve them, than by just ‘telling yourself’ in your head!

To write them down effectively try this:

Take a four pieces of paper ( one for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months) and divide them into four boxes – Box 1, three goals and why you want to achieve them: Box 2, how you will achieve them and who you are accountable to: Box 3, who you need to help you & any limiting factors: Box 4, how you will feel and what it will do for you if you do achieve them…..

By doing this you are helping positively set the goals, and you are starting to process already achieving the goals.

If you would like more help achieving you goals in 2008 why not book a course of Life Coaching Sessions with us? These can be done face to face, or on line – they are really effective, challenging, rewarding, exciting and fun! Make 2008 your year for change.

May this year be your best year yet – whatever you dream you can do, begin it!