Italy ’09 – another fantastic Fitness Camp!

Kim and her team are fresh off the plane from another wonderful week at Il Borghino in Tuscany – the scene of the fourth Italy Fitness Camp – and so we thought we’d share with you how the week went!

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone for making it such a special week – a brilliant group of people to work with and to laugh with – and I think we all did plenty of both!

As anyone who has previously been with us on one of our camps will know, the setting at Il Borghino is stunning, and so making the perfect home for everyone for the week!  The great weather, delicious food and good company only added to the enjoyment!

So how did we spend the week…???!!!  Each morning the day started with a walk/run, depending on how everyone was feeling – and with plenty of hills on hand, everyone was able to challenge themselves before heading home for a delicious breakfast.  During the course of each day we also did circuits, used the glide discs and Flexi Bars, worked our upper bodies, cores and legs, did postural work, and of course stretched!  On top of this, many people enjoyed some 1:1 personal training or life coaching sessions, dipped their feet into the Detox Foot Spa, and/or benefited from the Lucy’s fantastic physio and sports massage!

After everyone’s hard work we did also have plenty of time for fun and relaxation – Debbie was able to offer a number of fantastic beauty treatments, and there was also the opportunity to enjoy the pool, garden and stunning views! 

On Monday we were happy to see the return of Eddie – a local pizza chef, who came to make our pizzas for supper in the wood oven in the garden – delicious and enjoyed by all!  On Tuesday we got on the train and spent the afternoon in Florence – a wonderful trip and the chance for Enid to share her passion for the city with everyone, and for some sightseeing and shopping to be done! And on Thursday we visited the local town of Lucca – a beautiful walled Italian town which we cycled round a couple of times before heading into the centre for some more shopping and sightseeing!

Following the success of this popular Fitness Camp, we are already planning the Italy Fitness Camp 2010 – from 2nd – 8th May 2010.  In addition, we are planning the return of our UK based Bootcamp weekend in November.  If either or both of these interest you, and to reserve your place, please do contact us as there are limited places and they fill up quickly!