Good morning team, how are you?

Wishing you, our team, a peaceful & productive week, create a little structure & flow. Notice your feelings, energy, mood and adapt as required, it’s different for everyone. Keep well, be kind.

I used to be really unkind to myself. It’s a weird protection that many of us do, and then it becomes a habit. ✨

To change a habit takes time, consistency, courage. And commitment. ✨

I realised it doesn’t make you selfish, self centred or arrogant to be kind to yourself. Something which many of my clients say they fear becoming. That’s our choice. We can be kind to ourselves and others, this creates a depth of compassion & connection far greater than if you’re just kind to others. ✨

I get it it’s scary, I really do. But how about giving it a go? Tweaking your internal language like a black & white movie, turning gradually into a colourful present day picture. You’ll still feel an array of emotions, but instead of self sabotage you could be helpful to yourself, instead of pushing yourself to the edge you can pause and feel all the feels… ✨

Love you to join Dr Chatterjee #kindness challenge this week and listen to David R Hamilton interview & his books. And I would love us to do the challenge for others, and also for ourselves. Are you in? Leave a 💜 & tag a friend if you are. ✨

👉🏼Today, write down three simple things you could change this week: one feeling, one habit & one limiting story change. If you need help, be brave and comment below, or pop an email to

Being kind can strengthen our resilience to cope in times of stress. Something which is pretty useful right now, ✨

Let me know how you are kind to yourself & others, because you matter and I believe in you.

Big courage & support, Kim and the Team ✨

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