Welcome to April, how are you?

Wishing you a peaceful, healthy April with courage, connection and care.

I know we have people around the World, from Lebanon to NYC, LA to Italy and all over the UK, so I would love to know how your situation is. It’s different for every person. Pop a quick reply back.

💚 I’m doing good & calm
💙 I’m okay
💛 I’m tired
💜 Things yo yo ing
🧡 I’m struggling with some things
❤ I’m find it hard most of the time
🖤 I’m having a really tough day

PLEASE remember you are not alone. You matter.

Here for you all, join our Energised Free Support Group here and pop a reply.

Energised is 100% OPEN to support you fully & whole heartedly, we have done over 200 check in calls, delivered over 20 food parcels and prescriptions one day, and spent 29% more screen time! How about you?

Do you find you are using your screens more or less? How’s your food, movement and sleep? These seem to be key areas of extreme, too much/too little as we all navigate a new normal.

Connection is key in creating structure in the chaos, so take a piece of paper and note down how you are doing. Follow this with a few simple changes you can make for the next couple of days. You can reply and let us know for more support or if you want some more support.

Let us help you, reach out.

Our associate companies have discounts here: for immunity, Vit D, Sleep we recommend the Lean Greens Complete Pack, saving 10% with code KIM10, Sundried Clothing has 50% offer with code INGLEBY & Kate Percy’s Go Bites for snacking just a few – maybe Easter presents?

Our friend’s Levison Wood’s new book The Rise & Fall of the African Elephant is available now and David Hamilton’s Little Book of Kindness is a helpful little book. Any sales of my little book, 52 Ways to Feel Good will see the profit donated to the Red Cross Covid Appeal.

Keep Well this April, with big Energised Strength & Support,

Kim, Gail, Kate, Claire and George

ps. The rainbow hope print is from Milly England Illustrations – support small business xx