Energised Website Developing…

Unlock your potentialChanges are coming to the site and your thoughts would be appreciated…

Amazingly its been about 9 months since the new Energised Performance site went live!   And like all good things, change must happen – so over the next three months we will be upgrading the site.

Some of you may have met Becky and Ollie from Deckchair UK – our fantastic web designers, who will be making the changes to the site.  Ideas we are looking at include:

* Forum and discussion room for questions and general chat about courses, camps and competitions.

* Downloadable pdf’s with lots of information for you all about pretty much everything to do with energy and well being….

* A calender of events and courses that we are running and local and national events which may be of interest

* On line booking and ecommerce with discounts etc

We have lots of other ideas, some which will happen over the summer and some, maybe not until 2008 – yet, whatever we do – you, our fantastic clients are the most important people!

So if there is anything that you would really like to see the site have, or your think would enhance the site, please let us know by calling Kim on 07720 845849 or email info@energisedperformance.com . Thank you!