Bristol Coach Gail enhancing her knowledge, book now!

Our Sports Massage Coach Gail is updating her skills & knowledge to enhance your results and treatments… here’s her mini summary so far, good work Gail!

I’ve recently been attending Active Health Group’s Sport & Remedial Massage course up in Manchester to further my skills and knowledge.

As a person who likes to fix things it has been a really interesting course adding more techniques to my tool box to rebalance muscles and correct problems that pure massage can only alleviate temporarily.

Some of these techniques you may have heard of but not experienced – with a small group on the course I’ve had plenty of experience of what the treatments feel like.

Starting with the postural check – this is purely to start working out what muscles are tight and which ones are being overstretched. Most of the time we’re not aware of these imbalances, the body is very good at adjusting to new situations.
To help restore balance techniques such as Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Techniques and Soft Tissue Mobilisations can be used in combination with massage and each other.

With all that brain effort of late it’s time for a holiday for me – a week in Tunisia to recharge and be re-energised to help all you lovely Team EP regain balance.

* If you have any questions about anything do let us know?

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