RIP The 1st Energised Massage Couch – Read where it’s been, and who’s been on it!!

WP_00116011 years and 3 months old, the 1st Energised Massage Couch – RIP!  A mini blog for your amusement about it’s adventures with our Head Coach Kim….

I thought you would like to know a mini summary of the couches history, we think it’s quite good!

Number of clients treated: Over 15,000 people ranging from sports performance, pre & post race, injury rehab and postural improvement

Places in the World the Couch has been! World & European Triathlon Champs (as part of the GB Sports Massage Team) & Running Events in Canada, China, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, America, Italy and all over the UK….

Oldest and Youngest Person on the Couch: 8yrs old to 84yrs old and every figure in between

Sports that have been treated: Triathlon, Running, Stunt Performers, Canoe Polo, Equestrian Endurance, Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Hockey, Football, Tennis, Golf, Adventure Racing, Cricket, Rugby, Synchro Swimming, Swimming, Professional Dance, Cycling and many more!

Backstage Treatments: Numerous Pantomines, Peppa Pig, The Tweenies, Il Divo, International Comedian, Hyde Park Concerts & International Artists, Premier Rugby, Team GB Athletes, Virgin VIP London Marathon Team, Strictly Come Dancing People, National Presentors, Badminton Horse Trials and a few other top secret people…!

Charity Events: Numerous Running, Triathlon & Adventure Racing events, on average 3-4 events per year throughout the country

So we think our 1st ever Energised Couch did well!!  I wonder where the Energised Couch, Mark 2 will go and who will be treated next….

For Event & Backstage Treatments please call 07720845849 to book the Confidential, Expert Massage Team. For 1;1 treatments and appointments email (based in Bristol, BS9 4PL).

Thanks Physique for our great new couch, clients loving it! To find out more about their range click here