The Best Pre & Post Bristol Half Marathon Thoughts & Offer….

Gail and the Team get Energised ready for the Autumn Half Marathons & Events… here’s what she has to say:

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the summer break and are raring to get your teeth in to autumn training.

With the night’s drawing in and mornings getting a little cool make sure you warm up and cool down thoroughly – always a good excuse to have a nice hot bath accompanied by a good book 🙂

As you start getting back into routine you might find little niggles crop up, it’s worth nipping these in the bud before they set back training, foam rollers, tennis balls, and even golf balls can provide effective relief. Running gait analysis is also worth considering, I’m not much of a distance runner (but Head Coach Kim can help you with this) but often see some interesting techniques when out and about. Aside from long term issues, correct technique can really get those good times in.

For those with events coming up a bit of pre and post event massage can help ease any niggles to make the most of the event and aid recovery after. A competitor at the British Kickboxing Championships is a new convert to sports massage and wished he’d had treatment before his competition as well as after.

I’ll be working with the University of Bristol’s Sports Medicine Clinic Team at the Bristol Half on the 15th; do drop by for a post race massage.

September deal: Get a 30min pre event and 30 min post event massage for £35, just let us know the event when booking (subject to availability with Gail or Paul)