Beginner’s Race Day tips for your first triathon or duathlon…

This weekend Team Energised will be out and about again! Busy times. So a VERY BIG GOOD LUCK to everyone doing triathlons, running events, three day eventing and to our ladies competing in the Bristol Sheactive Women’s Only Duathlon! Go, go go… good times.

Team Energised Event Massage Team will also be there offering you sports massage, advice and support, pre and post race.

Below are some of our top tips if you are beginning for your first race! If you would like any more advice please do comment below and we will support you – have your best race on the day!


* Start hydrating at least 48 hours in advance using electrolytes – especially if the weather is hot.  Eat plenty of good carbs at lunchtime the day before.  Plan and practice eating the breakfast you choose on the day combined with the energy gels, try nothing new on the day to avoid stomach upset etc.

* Either drive the bike and run course the day before if possible or the morning of the race (check times if the roads close).  This will then allow you plan your race much better and to pace yourself depending on where the hills and fast areas of the course are.

* The day before clean your bike and check the tyres, gears etc.  If you are unsure about this make sure you have taken your bike for a service at least a week before the race – after the service you want to have had a least one training ride on it to make sure it all ‘rides’ okay.

* Make sure you have £6 with you or your British Triathlon membership card for registration – you cannot race otherwise.

* Arrive earlier than you think you need to!

* Register – then find the racking area and your number.  Rack your bike and lay out your equipment – everything you need must be here – remember your leave your trainers if you are wearing them!  And your number.

* Walk T1 and T2 routes and find things that may help you identify where your bike is from the return from the bike.  Identify the mount and dismount lines.

*Place your bike in the right gear to start and peddle at the right angle – if there is a hill to climb immediately after transition or if there is a flat stretch.

*Ensure you have filled water bottles on your bike and a hand one for the run if required

* Pace yourself throughout the whole race – use a watch to keep an eye on your times

* Get changed and enjoy the race!

* On return make sure you drink plenty, eat something and stretch so you recover well and feel good the next day.