Energised Autumn Tips

Happy October & Autumn Flow to you all, I hope you are well and find these tips useful, do connect and let me know.

Below are 4 key questions which could help you refine your focus and make the Autumn count. 

As we head into the Autumn, people often say to me…. oh, ‘I’ve run out of time this year, I’ll wait until the New Year…. or I’ve got SO much to do, try and make it all happen, then get ill or overwhelmed.’   To help prevent both happening and give you some focus to make 2021 have some positive value and memories, here are a few questions. Take half an hour, make a pot of tea and write down these answers.  


Energised Mindset Action

– what are your top 3 priorities to make happen before the end of 2021 and do you have time for them? What can wait for 2022… sometimes it can help to plan Jan – March and April – June priorities too get focus. 

– what’s your WHY for these priorities and goals? Why do you want to do it, and why does that matter?

– when is best for you to achieve these goals, during the Summer or Winter months in terms of daylight, wellness, family and life commitments? 

– What do you need to make happen? Plan your key actions to take in your diary as a commitment. Ask for support and factor in recovery weeks and a couple spare weeks for unexpected illness, life stuff etc which may delay your goal, commitment is key yet flexibility and adaptability perhaps even more so.  Remember to make something happen you have to change your habits, mindset and daily routines, that’s the key. 

– Make time for basic self care, good sleep and nutrition, movement, strength and happiness. Although these sound simple (or maybe tricky if short of time), they will totally help you make your goal happen and stay well doing it.  If there was one thing, it would be sleep and digital switch off each day, they are your hidden ninja’s. 

– Support and accountability, get your friends and family involved or ask for professional support – investing in this can be a game changer and make your accountable. Start to believe you can and enjoy the journey – be brave to share to a few people who really matter to you.  

– have a what if plan to embrace your fears…. what if you get injured, ill, family /life / work gets in the way, etc how will you cope and adapt

-Enjoy every week – adapting, celebrating, learning and finding joy in a great or tough week. 

LOVE to know how you get on and if you have any questions or are interested in 1:1 sessions get in touch.

You may also wish to join our ‘Align your Autumn’ Workshop online on Sun 24th October, 5.30-7pm BST.

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Autumn seems to be baking time – here’s a recipe from Kim’s Kitchen…

…perfect if you are planning a virtual Autumn running race, adventure or just looking for simple snacks for all the family. 

Banana Goji Magic Muffins – let us know if you make them!

Perfect for pre energy boost or post endurance workout recovery, breakfast/travelling snack and bananas are packed full of potassium to help you recover. 

Takes around 30mins, makes around 12

  • 5 mashed bananas 
  • 4 free range eggs 
  • 4 tablespoons coconut oil 
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract 
  • 140g crunchy or smooth almond or peanut butter (to your tastes) 
  • ½ tsp cinnamon (& turmeric/Hion Purple Powders if you wish)
  • 1 tsp baking powder & baking soda 
  • 375g blueberries & dried goji berry mix (can swap for raisons, choc chips, or whatever takes your fancy)

Whizz up the eggs, oil, vanilla, almond/peanut butter in a bowl, then add the other ingrediants, finally folding in the berries. Fill your cup cakes with the ingrediants and pop in the oven for 25mins 175-180, check with a skewer after 20mins.  Leave to cool on a wire rack.  

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Here are a few links we think you may like, do share if you find them useful: 

The Benefits of Green Juice, especially to boost immunity as seasons change with Lean Greens, Amber Boost (which is Vit D, Turmeric and Black Pepper), and Probiotics  – getting great results using these, code KIM10 gives you 10% off  – any questions on  what is best just reply. 

How to manage adrenal fatigue, inflammation, thyroid problems and more – Dr Will Cole – we are offering blood testing and DNAFit testing if you would like to discuss pop a reply, it’s with a Doctors Practise in London that we have worked with for over 10 years, the tests can be done anywhere in UK 

Good beginner tips for a Half Marathon – with many virtual races, love to know if you are doing any? If you would like help for the Autumn to Spring 2022 races and beyond, just send me a message.


There you have it…. any requests just let us know, we are adapting and want to improve what we offer you.

 If I can help you in anyway, please do get in touch and let me know, make sure you make the second half of 2021 count for YOU, Autumn is like a mini January so please do make it count – I promise, it’s the perfect time to sharpen your mind for the Autumn and we are here to help YOU.  

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Image credit: Morgan Harper Nichols