Alpine Mojo & Energised sorts your Skiing Performance out



EP Ski Coach Roddy Willis and his new venture Alpinemojo have launched their new web site.


Alpinemojo brings together high quality performance ski coaching with sports mental performance coaching and pre-ski fitness programs. The Alpinemojo approach will prepare you both physically and mentally to maximise you ski experience in Verbier this winter.


So, if you are now starting to think about booking a ski lesson in Verbier, planning a spot of pre ski fitness (through us – Energised Performance) or wondering how to ski that mogul field with confidence? Then let your eyes drift to or to make a booking contact:


And if you are thinking of pre ski fitness why not join Team Energised from next Monday 16th Nov @ 6.30pm for 4 weeks for our first Ski Fitness Course of the 09/10 season!