Flexi Bar works quickly – Daily mail use EP photo!



Okay – so our colleague, the fab Elise Lindsey – celebrity trainer extrodinaire – use the Flexi Bar with Coleen – and low and behold, after several calls from excited clients we realised that our head coach Kim Ingleby’s photo had been used online and in the Daily Mail on Wednesday to promote the Flexi Bar. The photo was taken during our Italian Fitness Camp which we run every year in May (see the courses and events for more info about our 2010 Camp!) – Flexi Bar’s come with us on the plane to the location which causes much interest..!


At Energised we have been using the Flexi Bar on a one to one basis, and running small group courses since 2005 with outstanding results – toning tummy’s, back and arms in a short space of time, with maximum results, as well as increasing shoulder stability, improving your posture and toning your buttocks!


Our clients who have benefited from the Flexi Bar range from Premier League Rugby Players, GB Triathletes, Oesteopaths and media personalities to Mum’s (pre and post natal), people with postural problems and lower back pain and those with limited range of movement. 


We are based in Bristol, and travel to London and Edinburgh frequently – if you would like a session, advice or to arrange for us to come and teach a group session for 4+ people please do just be in touch!  For media enquiries, training programmes and top tips on core and posture please contact Kim on 07720 845849.


For more info on our courses and fitness camps using the Flexi Bar click on the courses and events page on the homepage.


 Click on the link to see Kim in the Daily Mail and read the article: