Surviving the Slog..!


** Featured in Tuesday’s Evening Post Sports News our Head Coach Kim ! **

So what would you do on Remembrance Sunday if you had a choice and wished to honour our soldiers past and present – of course…. you would enter the Sodbury Slog?!!  Rated top 5 Race in the UK by Runner’s World several years in a row it is definately the race to complete if you feel up to the challenge..!

So it seemed only right that after years of training others to do it, I decided to enter as Head EP Coach, along with my speedy clients including Clare and Alex!


As we headed to the start a two minute silence was held as a mark of respect, before a trumpet sounded, a firework was let loose and the pounding of the runner’s shoes was heard on the road…. this lasted all of five minutes before we trailed off into the muddy paths, ditches and other interesting roped, swamp like areas!


I am pretty sure that Size 8 feet as a lady helps you out in these conditions, although when I looked down at my feet – caked in mud as through ploughed through the ploughed fields I did wonder if they could be weighing me down!?  So as we ran through the marsh land, past questioning cows and people’s smiling faces from inside thier homes I realised that in these moments the sense of friendship and support is always present when you are doing something tough!


And clients that know me will be pleased to hear that a retired marine decided to run the end with me (end 3 miles that is!) and kept questioning me – which made me smile as I so often do this to motivate you and I am stuck with a marine pushing me to just make the last mile a little faster even when I am resembling a ripe tomato- its all relative as I always say!


So as we come over the finish line, I wonder what we will find in our goody bags this time…!!  Mars Bars, condoms, cereal samples and water, plus the honoury t shirt….. these are all things that have appeared in the past – the relevance of some I am unsure about but it adds to the fun of the race!  I am pleased to say that my time also counted to part of the Westbury Harriers Ladies Winning Team – bonus – thank you speedy ladies 🙂


So I challenge you to sign up to something in 2010 that you are unsure if you can complete but would like to give it a go (Slaughterford 9 in Jan is a mad one….) then contact us and be sure that we will help you achieve your goal and beyond!  Why not – have courage!


And in the meantime we look forward to welcoming you to the Christmas Cracker 10km in fancy dress, Festive Final Big Beasting and the Festive Bootcamp Weekend – visit the courses and events to find out more.