EP Sports Therapist Gail’s Great Mini Thought, have a read


We are just about to come to our last session with our on line  ‘Make 2013 Brilliant’ Course. I have been truly amazed by the commitment and courage people have had, below is EP Sports Therapist Gail’s mini, wise thought. Have a read … 

” As much as I wouldn’t want to repeat 2012, I have learnt several valuable things from it. The experience, along with Head Coach Kim’s ‘Make your 2013 brilliant’ course, has meant I’ve realised how thin I tend to spread myself – this lead to a very tired and unfocused year.
I’m one of those people who can’t say no, if I can squish something extra in my life I will. And as much as that has given me some amazing opportunities and memories, I would be kidding myself if I didn’t acknowledge that there was a detrimental effect on my goals. Don’t get me wrong I still achieved my 2012 goals but not as successfully as I’d have liked. It’s hard not to look back and wonder if you would have made the same decisions if that focus had been there.
In Kim’s first week exercise for the 2013 course, there were some uncomfortable but important questions. In more than half of them the word focus cropped up and that moment of enlightenment (or the doh! effect) hit – I can carry on as I am, I’ll still get there with my goals but will I be satisfied I did all I could to make it happen? Or I can take a step back, stop for a moment, work out my priorities and focus on the key goals. Take a guess what I’m going for in 2013 
I also realised there never is a right time to start something. My first energised theme tune for the course was Gwen Stefani’s ‘What you waiting for’ – and that for me was the important question – what am I waiting for? “

Gail is available for Sports Massage on Saturday’s at EP HQ in Bristol, 9-1pm and other times by request.

She is support Sweat for Sue Ryder Charity Event offering Sports Massage at the Colston Hall on Friday 19th January.

14th Feb – 14th March: ‘Love Me’ Challenge for Comic Relief – Fitness, Fat Burn, Fearless Fun … more coming soon, on line *