#ThursdayTherapy: VMO setting for stronger knees

The latest from EP Sports Therapist Becky…..
Your Vastus Medialis Oblique muscle (VMO) is arguably one of the most important muscles for stabilising your knee, particularly when extending. This makes it incredibly relevant for all individuals not only in sport but in every day life when considering knee function or injury. Located just above the knee joint on the inside of your thigh the muscle resembles a tear drop shape when contracted.
This muscle is also responsible for the way your patella moves or “tracks” when moving. A weak VMO muscle can cause the patella to move laterally towards the outside of the knee which can lead to injury or pain at the knee joint.
Some simple exercises to strengthen your VMO are as follows:
Lying down place a pillow or towel under your knee so there is a slight bend. Contract your quads to try and straighten your leg, Place your hand on top of your VMO muscle to feel for a contraction.hold this contraction for 10 seconds then relax. complete 10 x 10 second holds.

Glute bridge squeeze- lying on your back bring your knees up so your feet rest flat on the floor, place a light medicine ball or rolled up towel between your knees. Pull your core in tight – picture pulling your belly button towards your back, lift your hips whilst squeezing your glutes and the towel between your knees to lip your hips in line with your knees. Keep the hips level throughout and try to keep your back straight.