Bath Half Marathon Tips, Special Offer Sports Massage & Free TORQ Gel for anyone racing anywhere!

We have lots of Team Energised out and about this weekend, doing Duathlons, Aquathlons, St Peter’s Gert Rush Step Challenge, Eventing and the Bath Half Marathon (many on route to London Marathon!).

We wanted to wish you all the VERY Best of Luck and share our  Top Tips for the Best Race:

– Eat good food, hydrate well and rest up the day before.

– Get your kit ready the night before and have a good nights sleep.

– Have a good breakfast, hydrate & leave plenty of time for your travel, parking and warm up

– Stay Calm and Be Energised! Don’t worry about what everyone else is up to, stick to your pre race plan, stay warm and relaxed. Dont waste energy or only have positive, I can do it conversations!

– Pace yourself, especially if this is your first half marathon at the start, its all too easy to be drawn along by the crowds to go steadily

– Hydrate little and often on the way round, and only take gels and drinks that you have tested before

– Keep your technique and running style strong, quick feet, core engaged, use your arms, breath & relax!

– Stick to your plan for the race, and stay focused

– Keep a positive mantra in your head, and a picture in your head of your crossing the finish line. Mantra’s my Mental Strength Clients often choose are,

‘Calm & Confident’

‘Strong & Powerful’

‘I can do it’

‘ Happy & Fast’

It’s your choice but make it positive and go for it.

– Be proud of yourself, the time you get (whatever it is you will have done your best) and any money you have raised for charity (if you have a link as many of you do feel free to post below)

– Enjoy yourself and believe you can do!

– Make time at the end to stretch, cool down and eat some quality good food within 20mins of finishing, and a good meal within 2 hours.  Foam roll later that day, or Monday if you can.

– Have quality rest after the race. Rest and Recovery are Key.

So with those mini top tips fresh in your mind we would like to wish a BIG Energised Good Luck to Tim Pocock, Simone Counsell, Linda Davies Carr, Ian Learnes, Eve King, Karen Morris, Dave Baber, Ruth Moore & EP Coach Alex Cosgrove, plus many others we know running! You can do it 🙂

And Finally if you book a post sports massage(anyone who has done any race this weekend) with EP Coaches Kim or Gail the week after you will get £5 off your treatment and a Free TORQ Gel for your next race! Gail has space on Saturday morning’s and Kim has many of you booked in already…

Happy racing everyone – let us know how you get on! Do share your photos and stories…

Next Team Energised Events: Forest of Dean Half Marathon, Hanham Horror, Alex’s Big Charity Bootcamp & Cotswolds Spring Classic Sportive.

NB! Torq gels Limited to First 20, and Sports Massage only for 7 Days, first come, first served 🙂 Gail is for two Saturday’s.