Back Pain – How can we avoid it?

Last year I worked at the Back Pain Show and really enjoyed it, but as I was busy massaging GB Synchro Swimmers I sent along our newest Energised Coach Sarah Greenaway. Sarah has written a great Blog about her exeperience and given you some great top tips to look after your back. Any questions do let us know. I have put some useful links and Sarah’s profile link at the bottom of the article.

EP Coach Sarah says…

After going along to the Back Pain Show in London last weekend to represent Energised Performance and Flexibak (great little product) I decided what a great opportunity to share my experience with you in my first
blog and focus on some top tips for avoiding back pain.

Back pain can affect us all to some extent. The statistics are shocking, and really demonstrate just how much our daily lives affect what happens to
our backs. Did you know, we end the day an inch shorter than when we started?

Stay with me for a minute, here comes the science bit but it’s only short and useful to know… The spine is made up of 33 individual vertebrae,
with spongy discs in between which protect the spinal column and help soften the blow from impact, movement, lifting, etc. Think of these discs as
donuts – squeeze the donut a little bit and the jam just about stays in; squeeze it too much and the jam comes flying out! This is exactly what happens to our discs when too much pressure is put through the spine. If the vertebrae press down on the discs, the “jam” squeezes out and can press on nerves, which is why we sometimes feel pain in the back itself or in other parts of the body.

So… with this in mind the answer is easy – we need to minimise the pressure going through our spine as much as possible and encourage the natural curves that lead to the least pressure on those discs.

But how?

Here’s a few tips to help you look after your back and make POSITIVE CHANGES now:

* Think about your posture – imagine a string through the top of the head to keep it lifted, shoulders pinched back slightly, belly button pulled in nice and tight and tilt the pelvis forwards (squeeeeeze those butt cheeks!).

* Strengthen your back muscles with some great core exercises and keep fit.
When exercising, don’t sacrifice good technique for a few extra reps or heavier weight.

*Check your posture throughout and listen to your body for any little niggles. Spend just 10mins (or more if you can!) every day to stretch – really beneficial, and relaxing too.

*Drink lots of water – this helps keep those discs nice and squidgy.
Try sitting on a swiss ball at work or at home; this will encourage those core muscles toswitch on. If you work at a desk, regularly check your posture. Set yourself mini goals, i.e. every hour on the hour get up and stretch those muscles off, adjust your posture and remember the same tips when you sit down again.

* The golden rule for lifting – remember to bend your knees, not your back! Carry the load close to the body (so that its centre of gravity is close to yours) and take as much care putting things down as you did when you picked them up.

It’s so important to LOOK AFTER YOUR SPINE. The Back Show certainly encouraged me to revisit a few postural positions of my own and really made me think about how I could invest in a few better habits now which will really help me later in life. It’s NEVER TOO LATE to make POSITIVE CHANGES!

Take a look at your posture, try out a few of these tips and let us know how much better, stronger and taller you feel! If you’d like any advice about back care and posture I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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