21 Things to Empower Your Fitness & Mind

So this week  is supposed to be the most ‘depressing’  of the year!!  Well, at Energised we don’t subscribe to these statistics and thought we would share our own 21 Tips & Thoughts to Empower you to feel good, and to push through the uncomfortable moments and really achieve your New Year’s Resolutions. See it as our Solutions to Empower you. I hope you enjoy it…

BE YOU….. Tips to learn to be your own best friend…

1. Believe in you – choose a word for the week and have it in your mind…. something like #empower #focus #confidence are ones I jave used this year and it really does make a difference

2. Acknowledge your limitations or negative thoughts, don’t fight them… and then do something to overcome them, whatever it may be, just switch your state

3. Do one thing every day that makes you smile & laugh, properly, like you used to when you were a child

4. Write a journal, three things every day that you were happy about and one thing that you would do differently

5. Do something every week (or month if big), however small that you keep saying you will do, but never actually do…

6. Make decisions quickly and easily, trust your intuition and instinct, it is there for a reason

7.  Mix up you image, try a different colour, style or piece of clothing and see how it makes you feel, challenge your boundaries in a positive way

BE ENERGISED… a few of our key tips to feel and look great

8.  Walk daily, 10, 000 steps, breath deeply, stand and sit tall

9. Strengthen your body by training with weights or your body weight at least twice a week

10. Mix up your training, if you normally are long and steady – try high intensity and speed, or vice versa.  If you usually train on your own, try a class. If you always train with music, train without. See how you feel and what you gain or learn.

11. Check out your biomechanics, do all your muscles work equally, are both your buttocks working properly, are your shoulders levels, are your feet both pointing forwards when you stand, are your hips levels. Work on balancing these out and get us to help you if you are unsure. The more balanced you are, the better your mind and body will feel.

12. Enter a race or post your goals somewhere, commit to making things happen… you can do it!  Race for Life to Ironman, Hell Runner to Swimming, Charity Adventures to Dance Marathon’s, whatever your goal we can help you achieve it, so enter today and let us know.  Team Energised is a Big Worldwide Team, supporting all levels of fitness from beginners to Elite so let us, help you.

13.  Feed your body lots of quality nutrients, hydrate well, plenty of water and have lots of quality sleep to recharge

14. Be consistent with your training, little sessions often will get you much better results than one big session every now and then

14b … An extra one… Summer Bodies and Racing Performances are earned during Winter Training, it really does make a difference so stick with it!


These are 7 random facts from the papers we have read that might empower you to think….

15. The Times Style Magazine has a 4 page feature on the Sexercise 14 day Fitness Plan… I’ll leave that to you imagination, yet they do state they are more toned and fit after it….  🙂

16. The Fasting 5:2 Nutrition Plans… not that we advocate this, but it’s in all the press at the moment, what do you think? What nutrition plans work best for you? We advice you to listen to your body, eat good healthy foods and adapt according to what you are up to. Check out our Energised Cook book in our shop and more coming soon.

17. Get an Infinity Pro Power Band, balance your positive and negative Ions in your body and feel Enerigsed, we think they make a difference… from 1% to about 45% success with all our clients, and you can test & save 25% with the code ENERIGSED25.

18. Exercise at a high intensity for 20 seconds a few times a week, plus stand up and walk around every 20 minutes if you sit at your desk, Dr Mosely, BBC Radio 4 programme advocates this through the latest science out there. Walking and moving every 20 mins yes, just 20 secs of exercise we are yet to test!

19. Take active screen breaks and lots of them, the electromagnetic field is not good for our brains, and the latest research behind the use of mobile phones and illness is beginning to come through as Phil Richards highlighted on his metabolic mind course. More info coming soon about that but really look after your brain!

20. As we have already said, increase your leafy greens and decrease your sugars, even your fruit juices, & definitely your cakes and biscuits, which are just ‘dead’ foods, not giving you any real nutrients.  Snack more on quality proteins, greens and good, real fats to allow your body to work at its’s very best.  Michael Mosley highlights this and we agree, if you don’t know what is in the recipe, your body probably won’t know what to do with it

21. Aim to be in your optimal level of stress, too little stress and you may become bored, and more importantly too much stress can cause you to have an adverse reaction, upsetting hormones, insulin and adrenals (to name a few glands), causing you to hold belly fat, however hard you train. And ironically, training hard will cause more stress!  Jade Teta explains this in his Metabolic Effect Company, which we are going to a workshop with in March and look forward to sharing more information, combined with our learnings from Dax Moy & Phil Richards, we are becoming fat burning ninja’s!!

21b (extra we know!)

So that’s it, our 21 Tips to Empower you to be your Best this Year… 

We hope you enjoyed them and really look forward to working with you this year, giving you the confidence and courage to be your best, and achieve your goals. Any questions or thoughts just post below, or tweet @kimingleby #teamenergised