Flexi:Bak – help your back feel great!

Following the success of the Flexi Bar with Energised Clients we have just been given some FlexiBak’s – with proven medical research and results we are pretty convinced that they help in the spinal functioning and well being of your back…. If you would like to try one, or purchase one we currently have six in stock – call Kim on 07720 845849 to find out more, or ask her to show you during one of your sessions…….  for even more information read on below (this information is kindly taken from the flexi bar website where more information can be found!) 

FLEXI:BAK was developed by two leading British osteopaths each with 15 years experience in clinical practice. They have treated thousands of people in their clinic, and they know the causes of backpain.

When you visit a back care professional, the means by which they help you is through movement, traction and pressure. Research was conducted to find a method by which these techniques could be replicated and you could look after your back on your own or as a supplement to professional treatment. Now we have the answer; it’s called the FLEXI:BAK.

FLEXI:BAK is an osteopath-designed back support cradle that eases lower back pain and discomfort. Enjoy back pain relief by correct decompression of key joints, allowing natural movement to return.

How does it work?

The therapeutic, scientifically-shaped FLEXI:BAK cradles the lower back, encouraging the lumbar and sacroiliac joints to open up. When you lie on the FLEXI:BAK, the base of your spine is gently elevated and supported, encouraging these lower back joints to separate. This elevation is on an angle, with the most elevation being at the base of the spine. When these joints are gently elevated, pressure on the discs is released; muscles release from spasm and pain is usually relieved.

The unique rotational action also facilitates the return of natural movement to the joints. FLEXI:BAK allows you to gently rotate your spine from side to side; throughout each rotation the spine is supported and therefore muscles remain completely relaxed whilst range of motion is restored. Restoring range of motion and relieving pressure on inflamed joints are two key factors in maintaining the integrity of the spine.

Who is it for?

FLEXI:BAK is suitable for people with persistent back problems. It may provide temporary relief and support for lumbar pain (including temporary relief for pregnant women). It allows a gentle traction of the lower back, alleviating pressure on nerve endings and discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons. This gentle traction is suitable for those who find typical forms of inversion too aggressive, or too expensive!

The longer you have had your condition, the longer it will take to resolve. Imagine 15 years of joints that have become blocked and are in constant spasm! It takes time to “retrain” these muscles so that they support the spine and maintain its optimal position.

If you suffer from persistent back problems, try FLEXI:BAK, it’s a clinically proven pain relief product.

 For more information please call Kim on 07720 845849 🙂