Join Team Energised, fantastic discounts and much more!


Welcome to Team Energised!!

Over the last few years Energised Performance has grown from a small personal training company, to a leading wellbeing company, designed to unlock your potential, enhance your performance and inspire you to shine!  This has resulted in lots of courses, energy camps and meals being organised for Energised clients.  This has led to Team Energised being formed!

Team Energised is for anyone wanting to become energised, motivated and inspired to get more for their life.  It is for people who like to get fit, have fun and be challenged.  By joining Team Energised you will get so much for your small  annual investment including:

* Discounts of courses, training camps and events  * Be the first to know about new courses etc * Have priority booking to guarantee (almost!) your place on courses, meals and events * Support at competitions where Team Energised are racing *Discounts with our associates including Sweatshop, Flexi Bar, Torq Bars and many more (you will get a list of these when you join!) * Discounts on Energised Clothing * Team Energised Membership Card  * Take advantage of offers on PT, massage and coaching throughout the year – only available to Team Energised * And so much more to come…….!!

To find out more about the benefits and to join  Team Energised please contact or call 07720 845849.  

Your Team Energised Annual Investment:

2008: Only £30, £50 for 2, £65 for 3

2009: £71 (£120 for 2, £150 for 3) or £40 for 6 months