Podcasts on NLP & Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, Self Esteem and Stress Management

Lincoln Bryden is an international fitness and dance presenter, selector of the IFS Personal Trainer of the Year awards (which Kim won in 2007!), as well as founder of http://fatlosscommunity.com

About the Fat Loss Community Lincoln says, “While being in the public eye for so long I have also had my own personal challenges with weight loss.  Now I have decided to provide a supportive environment where everyone can get real, non faddy advice on how to lose weight, and keep it off permanently.

To do this I will offer advice and tips on exercise, diet and most importantly behavioural change.  I have interviewed prominent experts in these fields to provide you with the most up to date information possible…”

One such expert that Lincoln has interviewed is Head Coach Kim – and you can hear these interviews by clicking on the links and purchasing a package for £29 which includes these interviews, plus several others from industry professionals and lots of hints and tips…

http://fatlosscommunity.com/kimingleby.mp3– interview on NLP/hypnotherapy for weight loss and confidence.
http://fatlosscommunity.com/kiminglebynlpandstress.mp3 – interview on NLP & coaching for good stress and weight loss

For more information on weight loss or stress, or to discuss how Kim can help with either, please call her on 07720 845 849 or sign up to the Autumn Bootcamp Beastings!