What does fitness mean to me …..?

I often ask my clients what does being fit mean to them… how would you look, feel and think when you are really fit? Rarely does a client fully embrace and commit to the question… but one of my new personal training clients did.  I asked Rhona if she would mind if I posted it as a Blog, as I truly think it is inspiring and if we all took a moment to reflect on this, I feel our achievements and results would be even greater…. so thank you Rhona for sharing this.

As a pre fix Rhona is Munro climber, she is a kind, wonderful, happy lady who happens to  have a condition called

Myasthenia Gravis http://www.mgauk.org/ an auto- immune disease which attacks the nerve signals in the body – making everyday tasks often challenging. Yet Rhona has the courage to work with me, to start to build her fitness up – allowing her to take control and manage ‘MG’ to her best….

By Christmas we are going to run 5km in Bristol, if you would like to join us and have lots of fun -plus pay £10 and raise some money for this relatively unknown disease  she would love you to come along…

This is what being fit will mean to Rhona…..

Feeling of well being and a feeling of making a positive choice about managing MG and giving me tools that will help accept and make the most of my life – reach my goals – climb Munro’s, run 10km, do a triathlon and more…..!


It will give me confidence and no longer feel a victim. Know I am making proactive decision on how to move into the future and embracing my life.


I will understand and know my realisitic potential for being fit and able to do certain activities, whilst bring kind to my body when the MG means I need a little more time. I will feel toned – feel slimmer – feel good about me.


My body will work better – muscles given the chance to work effectivel and I will find my balance.


Be happy with me – I am ok!  No longer need to guage goals through others but through me – know my limits push to attain with an inner strength and love of myself and body. 


The result is to please me  – not to prove anything – other than I want to do it and can do it!


Wake up full of energy – laugh and smile!


WOW! Rhona thank you for sharing this with us…. I hope this inspires others to reflect on what being fit means to them …. I know, that you know, that you can do this!


To join our 5km run – post a comment and we shall confirm the date soon.  To find out more about MG and support the charity visit the link above.


Happy training 🙂