Veggies to Boost your Performance….!


Most people’s New Year’s Resolutions involve eating more fruit and vegetables….and just by swapping the regular broccoli, carrots and onions you could improve your performance in training significantly, and boost your immunity.

If you like Carrots…..try beetroot and celeriac:- One serving of celery provides almost all the Vitamin K you need daily, and contains iron, calcium and potassium.  Fresh beetroot is high in potassium, which helps prevent cramping, and magnesium, vital for muscle contraction.

If you like Spinach……try mustard greens, endive and radicchio:- mustard greens deliver beta carotene and phytochemicals that may help combat cancer.  Endive is rich is vitamin A and the bine protecting vitamin K.  Antioxidants in radicchio combat free radicals, and help protect everything from the muscle tissue to the skin.

If you like broccoli….try purple cauliflower, or tenderstem broccoli:- all contain cancer fighting compounds, antioxidants and vitamin C & K – this can all help in building new cells and aiding in performance and recovery.

If you like Onions…….try red onions and shallot:-  Research shows that red onions and shallots are better at fighting free radicals, lowering cholesterol and fighting bacteria and inflammation than there paler counter parts.

So why not vary your shopping list each week to include some new vegetables that you might just find improve your recovery, and increase your performance.  To find out more visit the Runners World Forum, where some of this Blog research came from.

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