#ThursdayTherapy & Good luck

Good Luck, Good Luck to everyone running the Weston Prom today!! Be AMAZING And enjoy 🙂

Over the next few days we have a number of clients taking part in the Weston Prom Series, the Virgin London Marathon and the second round of  Webba Semi-Final’s. EP Sports Therapist Gail was at the first Webba Semi-Final providing pre, inter & post event treatments used by the players and the referee’s.

A lot of clients know the benefits of massage while training but it’s also effective as pre, inter and post event treatment. The techniques vary depending on what stage treatment is needed, pre event is to prepare the major muscles groups and joints for the activity to come, inter event is similar to pre event but also includes new/old injuries, cramps or muscle fatigue, post event is centred on relaxing the muscles and the mind after the competition/event has finished, progressively deeper and slower but not a full sports massage as it’s important not to aggravate any acute problems arisen through the activity. It is also a useful way to spot upcoming minor injuries or cramps and reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

For clients taking part in the VLM, take advantage if you can of any post run treatments going as it will help aid your recovery over the following week.

Also consider booking on for a sports massage a couple of days after any event, as it really does help…..


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EP Sports Therapist Becky available Wednesday 5-8pm, email energisedbecky@gmail.com

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