Summer Time Coming ….Inspired at the IFS Convention!


I hope you all had a great weekend, and remembered that the clocks went forwards – so it is now officially Summer Time and only a few weeks until you will be taking off all those winter layers…….come along to one of our courses between April – July. They will help you get really fit, have fun and look great this summer.

So this weekend I headed up to the International Fitness Convention in Blackpool, with Sam Long, a good friend and client who I have been training to race to the Magnetic Pole, in the Artic.  I would like to wish her lots of luck and strength on this amazing challenge – to follow her adventures visit

Last year I won IFS Personal Trainer of the Year at the convention, and it was really nice to return to the event, knowing that there were no surprises coming, and to generally be part of this inspiring, high energy event. Ceri, Lincoln and Steve – the organisers and brains behind the event, run a company called – a training and events company for the fitness industry, which host the IFS Convention and the Big One in the Autumn.

The weekend is open to professionals and the public, with presentors, speakers, dancers and participants coming from over the World…..this year I was part of the Spinning Continuing Education Programme ( – so I have plenty of new ideas to help keep your Spin classes, and triathlon/cycling training interesting and challenging, espcially if you are keen to work with your Heart Rate Training Zones.…if you would like to do a triathlon this summer or get specific with your training, why not book onto our Try a Triathlon Course on Sat 21st June – visit the courses page on the website or call Kim on 07720845849 for more info.

Another tool which is growing rapidly in popularity, due to its quick results and scientific research is the Flexi Bar – Steve & Rebecca have brought the bar over from Germany, and I have worked with the bars for the last three years.  I personally have seen some great results and improvements with my posture, swim technique and overall strength.  With my clients, they too have seen their posture improve and many have commented how toned their abs and arms especially have become!  Its beneficial to both men and women, sports specific or coming back from an operation…..I have used it with sports teams, GB athletes, GP referrals and children – it really is amazing, and definately not a gimmick!  To find out more visit or come on our Strong to the Core Courses starting in April & June, visit the courses page, or call Kim 07720 845849 for more information!.

So over the weekend I reckon I cycled and ‘flexied’ for hours, finishing the weekend by attending Ceri’s Ezee Party Aerobics class – now a lot of you know that aerobics and me, is not something you would be in the same sentence.  I think most surprised was Ceri himself, who half way through clocked that I was in his class and actually going in the right direction….! 

All I can say is that I saw Ceri present about 5 years ago with great knowledge, energy and passion – and he has only become better.  He has fantastic empathy with his audience, and a wonderful way of presenting – making you work hard, without even realising it.  So you never know, you may get me presenting some hip, hop aerobics in the future, never say never but in the meantime……..

If you fancy doing some crazy classes with some of the best international presentors in the World visit or  – there you will find some presentors that I have been fortunate to get to know, and I can really say they are Fantastic.  They include the wonderful Ceri Hannon (see above!), Lorna Lee Malcolm (, Steve & Rebeca (Flexi Bar see above), Elise Lindsay ( and Michael Steel to name a few….

If you would like to come along to the IFS 2009 Convention then you can book your place now, at a very good price – and you may even get to hear me speak if I start presenting……!

So all that leaves me to say is that Ceri reflects why we do what we do in this industry – fundamentaly to help you feel great.  I am passionate about helping you feel good about yourself from the inside out.  It really doesn’t matter what you do to exercise, everyone is different, but just try something you think you may enjoy, you will have some fun, then you get fit and then you will start to feel good about yourself. 

So go on – its nearly summer time, try something new, have some fun, get fit and let us know how you are getting on.  If you would like us to help you just give us a call on 07720 845849 or email