Sponsor EP Client Jan and her running vest!

EP Clients are an inspiring bunch, often thinking of fantastic fundraising ideas, and Jan Burke is no exception!  Following the news that a friend had been diagnosed with malignant melanoma in December 2008, Jan has decided to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care  – through her vest!

Jan says, “I started running on 12th April 1999, the day before my 50th birthday, and I managed to get round a couple of miles using a run/walk strategy. I remember the Big Day for the agony of coming downstairs. I felt at least 100! 

Since then I’ve done 14 marathons and a 35-mile ultra-marathon and run in places as diverse as wild moorland in Scotland, places called Mist (which lived up to its name) and Jewel (which didn’t) in Oregon and an industrial estate in Abingdon. I’ve been wet, cold, sunburned and muddy, once all on the same day.

I’ve also met some great people, including Paula Radcliffe and others whose names will be unfamiliar but who have helped and inspired me in their own way: sometimes with words of encouragement, by telling me their running stories, by giving me advice or simply by running with me. One of these is a 27-year-old friend, a regular runner with a best time for a half marathon of 1:13:44, who has helped me in all of those ways. He was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in December 2008 and finished a course of chemotherapy in March.


I’ve now hit 60 and to mark it I am raising funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care, who provide an invaluable service to terminally ill cancer patients in their own homes.  They’ve sent me a running vest and I’m asking you to guess how far my vest will go if I wear it for all training runs and races from the start of the Reading Half Marathon on 29th March 2009 to the finish line of next year’s race (all runs measured by GPS). Forecast the mileage, pay a penny a mile (or more) and the person who’s closest will win a prize. To help you estimate, my mileage since 2006 has been between 733 and 1030 miles in a year.”


To sponsor Jan and help her achieve her goal of raising £6,000, please visit www.justgiving.com/jansbigbirthdaycelebration/  Thank you!