Shamil Tanna photo shoot…

On Monday morning, bright and early I set off to Studio 4 to meet Shamil Tanna, photographer of exceptional talent and more recently to the likes of Sam Sparro…. so it was with a little apprehension I met with him!  However, the nerves were left me within a few moments, as Sham is such a down to earth guy, easy to work with and a fabulous photographer! 

It was then the job of Debbie Inker, who is a client of mine, and the best beautician in Bristol to do my make up – a big job as I wasn’t feeling one hundred percent due to a biopsy!  What a challenge…..!

However, between Sham and Debbie I think we have managed to get some really good shots – which I will show you next week.  The shots will be used for the new refreshed Energised Performance site coming at the end of the summer (its going to be fabulous – any thoughts or things you would like included please let us know!) and for the brand new Energised Business site.  You may also see some of the shots in a variety of other places but I will tell you about that as it happens……!!

So I would like to thank Sham and Debbie for a fantastic morning working with them, and Ollie my web designer for recommending Sham.  If you would like to know more about Sham visit and if you would like to contact Debbie Inker for a great beauty treatments or make up call her on 07792070868.  Just let them both know Kim gave you their details and they will look after you well.