Up to speed on the latest first aid training…

So along with being a bridesmaid to my best friend from University, running 10 miles, and giving a couple of sports massages this weekend, I have updated my training with the current knowledge in First Aid.  I did this at Bristol University with a company called Blue Skies – who specialise with sports performance first aid, so it led to a very interesting and challenging day.

 The group was a fascinating mix of people and backgrounds, including a coach from the national gymnastics team, a tai chi instructor, a rugby coach and an actor!  This just added to the mix of interesting stories to share and learn from, combined with the great video clips that were provided to start discussions on treatment.

 So you can rest assured that I am up to date with all the current research, and whilst I do not plan that you will need it, at least you know when you are running around the Downs with me I am trained well , should you need it!

I would like to thank Ben and Sam from Blue Skies Ltd for such a great day’s training – really good!