Part 3: Kimpossible Returns….. The Final Beginnings

Wow, I can’t believe it’s 3 months since the Weily Disease stopped me in my tracks, and most certainly changed my summer.  As promised, Part 3 of my journey and learnings, which I have aptly titled The Final Beginnings!  I really feel this is how it is. The final stages of the impact of the disease (i hope) combined with the Beginnings of the next stages of life!  It’s been a bit of a weird time and I am unsure what or how to write my thoughts, so I just will and hopefully it will be an interesting read for you 🙂

I believe there are three parts which I title through 3 songs!

Part 1:  ‘Slow Down, You Move to Fast’ , Simon & Garfunkel WP_001366

I fully believe that everything happens for a reason, and you must have the courage to find the learning’s and opportunities in each situation.  If you cannot do this, then you will always look back, wonder what if and ‘get stuck’.  Now trust me, there have been moments during this ‘experience’ that I have been fully tested to follow my own advice, and wondered what clients and people will think, as I lost my fitness and for moments, my thoughts.

Yet, above all, the line from this song always popped into my head, slow down, you move to fast.  Only about 40 people a year get Weils like I have had it. I have swam in open water for nearly 10 years and never had a problem.  So, on some level I was really unlucky, but on another, maybe I needed to really stop, to stop and learn some lessons, to ‘break down’ to ‘break through’ to a more effective, better balanced wiser coach & person.

I love to be active, and I love bouncing about, always full of ideas and happiness. So in stopping, truly stopping you find out what is important to you, what you love in your life and you find out the amazing people who really make a difference in your life. It gives you a sharp perspective, and the opporutnity to look and do things differently.

I will always respect my Weily disease, as for at least another 6-9 months it could affect me, and possibly longer, they don’t really know.  One things for sure, I still have to be very mindful about how and what I do currently to avoid a negative reaction.   Driving, travelling, running and unstructured group conversations are the hardest for my brain to manage.

This has taught me very much to be in the moment, combined with setting goals, and to have the courage to adapt my days for my overall well being.

My thought to you: What do you do when you get ill, tired, stressed or stuck?  Do you have a positive action plan to allow you to learn and grow from it, or does it limit you?   Try by writing down the three key things you have learned from the experience which will enhance how you are in the future, and limit it happening again.  Any questions let me know as there are lots of super cool techniques. 

Part 2: Read All About It – Emeli Sande

I have never really shared my ‘stories’  as I kind of think, it’s not about me, it’s about helping inspire and motivate others.. However, what I have realised with this experience, is that sharing my story and making me ‘human’ has helped more people to be in touch, make changes and realise that as a ‘trainer’ we are still ‘normal’ and do ‘get it’.future self

The last 18 months have been filled with experiences which have stopped me from ‘doing’ what I normally do… starting with a break in last year into our bedroom in Italy (in a locked villa) and things being stolen from my head whilst I was sprayed with a rhohipnal mix, cervical treatments for several months and Weils Disease (which affects brain, heart, lungs, kidney, liver… the Rats want to kill you off!!).  The affect in  my brain is unusual but thought because in the past I have spend some time in hospital with suspected meningitis, frontal lobe clotting following an operation and a beef worm nestling in my head too. Quite remarkable how I make any sense some of the time!!

Anyway, enough about what has happened but that is some of my story…. one day maybe I’ll write a personal book, along with the Energised series!

So whilst I have been apprehensive to share my story, as the song says, ‘read all about it’ helps other people to feel inspired to do something they may have thought was not possible before.

My thought to you: ‘Write down all the things you have overcome and learned in your life, how they have made a difference and be proud of the person you are. Everyone is different, let go of comparison and focus on being the very best version of yourself, every damn day (even if it’s a tiny version of your best self, that’s still a good focus for a challenging day). 

Part 3: Great Times are Coming –

Through the whole experience I have always kept this in my mind, ‘great times are coming’. From our hardest experiences, some of the best things always come and they add to life rich tapestry. I would much rather have these experiences, than not. I have learned a huge amount more about neurology, nutrition and NLP to help me as a person, and undoubtedly, whilst I am not really ‘fit’ at the moment, to help me be a better, more effective coach.  If this had not happened, I would never have learned what I know now, or created some exciting changes and plans for Energised as we move into 2014!WP_001793

This Autumn I am really looking forward to getting fully fit and well again, I look (as many people have commented!) really well, maybe this is the rest? Inside I still have to manage my brain as a couple of days driving and full days work, requires a day sleeping and resting, but this is improving.  Many people have asked, what am I going to do now…. take each day at a time ….

Firstly, my number one aim is to get back to finding a ‘normal’ week normal and easy, to look after my clients to my very best (World Tri Champs, VIP Inside Out & Half Marathon Training just a few things going on), update my knowledge on some great courses, and to have quality, happy times with family and friends.  Then, naturally I have a few things bubbling (gently) in the background which I hope to achieve….

I was surprised and really happy to be accepted to run with Iwan Thomas & #TeamSouth for the Great South 10 mile Run on 27th October for MacMillan Cancer Care.  I am really looking forward to this, and being in the support of a great team, whilst raising money for a great cause.  It’s ironic, but this will be a bigger challenge in my mind that the Ironman last year!  I always knew then if I had done the training, both mentally and physically I could do it.  Now, after 1 mile on the track with Iwan I was in tears (something I never do, and nothing to do with Iwan!!), I think it was just the emotion and neural fatigue from running & being in a group again. I am a long way from where I was, but I can now sort out my biomechanics and come back stronger and faster! (I must highlight that this the Great South will be to complete walk/jog… faster will come next summer all being well before those close to me panic 🙂 x

The day before, which I am slightly (in fact, exceptionally scared about telling anyone) I will taking part in the Galaxy Girl Miss Universe Competition.  I, 100% blame the Weils Disease for entering this!  The fitness tests are all short, explosive 1 minute exercises which is something I am notoriously bad at (but it’s the taking part at this point & fun), followed by a bikini and evening wear section, again something I never do (walking in heels the day before the Great South Run could be interesting)! Give me mud, hills and empty spaces, over heels, make up and bikinis!  But in the name of practising what I teach, let’s stretch our boundaries and go for it….. I shall be blogging more about these as we go.

Finally, I actually cannot believe that I have been short listed as one of the Final 10 for the Live Judging for the Life Fitness Global PT Award, as the only UK Trainer. Right now, after this year, this seems crazy and the live judging on 26th – 28th September will be a challenging and amazing experience.  This Short List is for all of you, Team Energised, you make things happen and take action, thank you for asking me to work with you.graphic

So that’s it (I hope)! I’m told if I am mindful and pace things, which I can assure you I am, I should be fully well by Easter…. I’m pretty much there, just stay fit, well and energised, rest and balance is key.  The message for us all to an optimal energised state, inside and out 🙂

My thought for you: As my grandmother would have said, ‘Leggy over Leggy and your way will open up…..’  What’s your Top 3 Goals/Focus from now until Christmas?

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been just amazing over the last few months and supported me through the tests, treatment, tears & laughter with love and happiness, you know who you are, and you rock my world, thank you, thank you 🙂 Bring on our best days, live in the moment, love what you do & who you are. Thank you, Mini Mighty Kimpossible x

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