Outdoor Flexi Bar, Justin Lee Collins & a Granny!


Well the outdoor Flexi Bar & Core class started yesterday up on the Downs in Bristol much to the amusement of many passing people…..we had a group of Grannies watching in disbelief – I think they would be saying that times had certainly changed! Then the Bristol open top city bus passed, with a few Chinese taking photographs of us – again with slightly bemused looks on their faces, I would love to hear what the tour guide had said we were up to! 

And then finally, Mr Justin Lee Collins from the Friday (Sunday) Night Project on Channel 4 arrived to have a picnic next to us with his family….I had not even noticed, but one of the group quietly said she would like to move as she didn’t want to be at the end of an interesting joke!  However, I thought this would cause more chaos so we carried on……I am fairly certain JLC has several photographs on his phone.  I am sure it will not be long before an amusing photo of us with ‘vibrational bars’ will appear in his discussion as he seemed to be highly entertained, if slightly confused by what we were up to! You are more than welcome to join us anytime Justin….

And anyone who may be interested in the Flexi Bar courses we are running do give us a call.  They are fantastic – improving your core, posture, strength and reaction time.  They are suitable for men and women, and can give real benefit to elite athletes as well as people with postural problems.  For more information give Kim a call on 07720 845849 or visit www.energisedperformance.com or visit www.flexi-bar.com.  We will have more Flexi Bar courses beginning in Bristol & London from September and look forward to welcoming you 🙂