NLP, Sports Massage, Medals …at the World Triathlon Champs in Canada!


So I have just landed back in the UK, after travelling with the GB Age Group Team to the World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver, Canada!  What an amazing trip, I have never massaged quite so many legs – in a penthouse suite of the Marriot Hotel!  And also never experienced so much chaos during a World Champs due to unseasonable, terrible weather!  It was around 8 degrees for most of the week, combined with torrential rain and blowing winds….so much so that the rescue boat for the swim overturned, causing another rescue boat to appear to rescue the rescue boat – and then the race to change from a triathlon to a duathlon for the men, as so many of the women who had set out earlier in the swim suffered from hypothermia and the medical tent was over flowing….quite bizarre!  A little different to the 25-30 degrees forecast – I especially felt for the athletes from Tahiti who only had short wetsuits and looked distinctly blue in colour on leaving the sea…!

However, all this said it was a pleasure to work with the athletes for the third year running, as Senoir Sports Therapist and NLP Performance Coach – next year it is in Australia so I may have to try and qualify as they will most probably be supplying massage therapists from the country…..we shall see! 

I would like to say a huge congratulation to all the athletes that medalled, especially those who I worked with NLP mental enhancement – these include a stunt women, a doctor, an author and a student!  Not bad hey….. 

Gold: Mike Adams, Mark Hirsh, Daz Parker

Silver: Sophie Whitworth (one to watch!), Simon Gowen

Bronze: Sarah Springfield

And those who just had a good time despite the weather & came top 20: Danielle Stewart (another to watch!), Nick Neilson, Ian Howard, Zoe Hanson, Pam Buttifant, Debbie Cooke….and many more!

For a full report of the Elite race and age group placings please visit – and to find out more about the Australian World Championships visit – qualifications are in May-June 2009!