October….Jump into your Passion

October already, I love the Autumn months, fresh crisp sunny day’s, sometimes heavy rain! Season’s are the best. 

As we change season’s I have a poem from a Howies Blog I wrote down year’s ago.  It’s just a thought, yet so relevant and thought provoking. Lots of my clients, and myself included seem to be having a year of change, challenges and opportunity.  I hope you like the poem I have adapted & it gives you the confidence to Jump! 

Wishing you all a wonderful October. 

Find Your Passion

You know that dream you carry around with you each day? It’s kinda important. 

Wasn’t it what you were put on the Earth to do? They say everyone has a calling, can you hear it?

The treadmill you are on, did you ever stop and wonder what it would be like to do your thing?

Did you ever feel that time was passing you by? How many days before you make some changes?

Did you ever wonder about stuff like that?  And ask yourself, ‘what is stopping you now?’

There is never a right time. You will be too old, too young, too something or other. 

When was the last time you took a risk, do you remember how alive you felt?

There are no guarantees of success. That is why its called a Leap of Faith. 

Its not too late, honest. It never is, whatever your age, follow that kinda important dream. 

Jump. You might fall…. and you might just fly. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so join us on 27th October for our Big Bootcamp. 

It is also, Stopober … give up smoking … and if you don’t smoke, why not give up something – it could be anything that doesn’t give you good energy in your mind and body, from nutrition to hydration, negative self talk to lack of time out…. whatever it is, commit to stopping it, but also write down what you will focus on instead. 

Let us know how you get on and if you would like any support, happy Energised October, Kim 🙂