BIG WELL DONE at Bristol Half Marathon…20% Off Nuun & 15% off Elete for YOU

Just a quick update after a busy weekend to say a HUGE WELL DONE to Team Energised for racing the Bristol Half Marathon this weekend!  Lots of Personal Best’s and Best Races this weekend, brilliant. 

Drum Roll to Tim Pocock, Rich Cole, Alex Miller, Suzanne Roper, Leon Rudge, Pip Haylett & Leanne Yardley, really really impressive times.  Good Work. 

And a massive well done to Louise Hurst Winning her Dressage Competition, brilliant Energised Weekend of Action. 

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Another busy Energised Weekend ahead, with many of the Energised Athletes taking part in the local Bristol Half Marathon plus several heading up to London for the Access Sport Bike Cycle Ride around London (around some of the Olympic Course no less!). A huge BIG Good Luck to Team Pocock, Tim Pocock, Rich Cole (powered by Energised Chef Jenny’s food), Suzanne Roper (raising funds for charity), Alex Miller (going for a speedy time!), Kate, Sarah, Louise, Elizabeth and many more! Go go go kick some butt and enjoy it! 

A few simple, quick thoughts as we head towards another race weekend… 

– plan good quality sleep and rest the days leading up to the race 

– eat good quality, healthy food (that you usually eat!) and stay well hydrated (with water) 

– get your race kit, number, spectators, post race clothing and food all prepared 

– plan your travel routes, parking and allow plenty of time 

– get your mental strength planned and be positive – here are my top tips from Running Bug:

– warm up well, pace yourself and relax – know you will do the very best you can do on the day 

– stretch and cool down well 

– feed up, recover and start plotting your next adventure…. !

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And finally I leave you with this great quote… happy weekends! 

“It’s repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” Michelle Dillon 

I love this quote from the wonderful Former Olympic Athlete and Brilliant Coach, Michelle Dillon – check out her site here: