Massaging Backstage at the O2 Wireless Festival….


Sunday 6th July I find myself at the O2 Festival (, being led by golf buggy through all the security gates, and right into the artist dressing room area to set up my massage couch at 11am.  Now I am used to massaging at events and competitions all over the World, and in random environments but this had to be one of the most unique, fun and challenging days of my career so far!

 Firstly – I normally treat athletes so 11am is the middle of the day, and 1am is definately sleep time.  Alcohol would be a definite no, as would smoking!  So this was totally different – however, at the end of the day a treatment is a treatment, and I was there to give them the best treatment I could for 15mins each.

The artists, agents, promoters, organisers and support team that I massaged were fantastic, everyone I worked with had their own story to tell. And yes, their stories were brilliant, different and funny. What struck me most with everyone I treated was that they really love what they do, they are passionate about it and they are happy!  So it was a pleasure to work with them all, they were really happy with my treatments and so many of them have my cards that who knows what or where I will end up doing something now!

 One of the groups that had their dressing room next to the treatment room were an Australian band called Powderfinger. Powderfinger are huge in their native Australia – and have taken their brand of alternative rock across the globe with an  inclusion on the ‘Mission:Impossible’ soundtrack!  They are performing at T in the Park and since I am at a wedding in Scotland you may even find me massaging them on Sunday, as suggested!  If you would like to hear their music, check out and

So all that leaves me to say is thank you to Anne Badderly, the agent who books us for these events for allowing me to work at such an amazing event.  And to everyone reading this, find your passion, take a chance and follow it – because if there was ever a reflection that following your passion, brings contentment and happiness, Sunday proved that!

Until the next festival……!