#FridayFood 24th Oct, 9 Immune Boosting Tea & Foods

Immune Boosting Tea & Foods

As some will know certain foods boost your immune system which is ideal in the autumn & winter months, for example Garlic does more than deter vampires – it contains an active ingredient called allicin that helps your body fight bacteria and infection.

FF Imm Soup

Pic from Jamie Oliver website

Ever wondered why Chicken Soup is the order of the day when you have a cold – an amino acid (Cysteine) released from the chicken while cooking blocks the migration of inflammed white cells so that they don’t accumulate in the bronchial tubes.

Here is a yum recipe for Chicken Soup, the addition of garlic and onion will boost the benefits to the immune system even more,


Black & Green Tea contain an amino acid called L-theanine, which makes Interferon‘s in the blood – these chaps interfere with viral replication (an antioxidant).  The amino acid is present in caffeinated and decaffeinated teas. Organo Gold produce a variety of teas with these lovely antioxidants for a discount go to our website – www.energisedperformance.com/energised_drinks

The other immune boosting foods are Fish, Oats & Barley, Beef, Sweet Potato, Mushrooms, Yoghurt – to read the full article on Immune Boosting Foods from the Organic Gardening website click here