Energised Pancake Day Suggestions….

Pancake Day – Energised style…

Just a few thoughts of healthy, savoury & sweet suggestions to boost your immunity, energy and wellbeing and avoid a sugar spike!

Energised Savoury….

* Parma Ham, Spinach, Pine Nuts and shavings of parmesan

* Chicken strips, rocket, sunflower seeds

* Humous, cherry tomatoes, poppy seeds and shavings of parmesan

Energised Sweet…

* Lemon, blueberries, linseed and manuka honey

* Strawberries, sunflower seeds, manuka honey and cinnamon

* Kiwi fruit, cinnamon, linseed and lemon

To add a protein kick to boost recovery and lean muscles you could put a scoop of your usual protein powder in the pancake mix – PhD and Bio Synergy are Energised friends 🙂

Happy Pancake Day!!