Energised 2011 Round Up, Reflections & New Year Wishes….

I sit & write this Blog with reflection, relaxation and contemplation. So many things happen each year to each person, and how we choose to summarise it, is purely up to us.  What will happen by this time next year, is again, up to us.  Yes, some things we cannot control, but if we have a path, with goals set, we can change the path if required.

I love what I do, I love working with my Energised Clients and I really look forward to 2012, but before I jump ahead I would like to give a huge Thank you to everyone who I have worked with over the last year, you are all wonderfully, inspiring people and it is a pleasure to work with you all.  There are so many of you I would like to highlight with your successes! You are all featured in my thoughts, but here is a highlight of some amazing Energised Achievements…

Energised Individuals:

1. Rhona – one of my most inspiring clients this year. She has overcome a potentially life threatening brain swelling which resulted in 6 weeks in hospital with no memory or awareness and had to re learn to do most things. She is on heavy medication but her commitment, patience and focus has meant she has managed to return to work 3 days a week. I have been invovled in Rhona’s rehab and training as a key part to her continuity, it is a pleasure to work with her- she has lost over 3 stone, and is now fitter and stronger than she has every been.

2. Dee & Kalpna – two clients I have had for many, many years – both continue to become stronger and fitter every year. Dee broke her leg in several places following a rugby accident a few yewars ago, she is now coming to Bootcamps, Kettlebells & Ski Fit Courses, fitter, lighter and stronger. Kalpna has a high pressured job which means time management is key, working with her we have improved her posture, nutrition and stress levels allowing her to feel fitter and more energised.

3. Celina – is such an inspiring 10 year old client of mine, I have worked with her for years and she has cerebral palsy. Earlier this year she had to have nerves in her leg cut, and sections of her hamstring inserted into her foot to lengthen the muscles in the heel. I work with her on many things on a  weekly basis including helping her increase range of movement and increase stability. Celina is such a funny, intelligent little adult (so grown up!) and a huge pleasure to work with.

4. Felicity – has to be in the list! She had a double operation on her feet to pin and plate her big toes following bunoins which were preventing her from even walking. Over the last year she has returned to full fitness, regularly uses the Flexi Bar and hula hooped the whole 5km for Race for Life – she is now leaner and very trim in her waist area – she is also over 60 proving anything is possible!

5. Tim & Debbie

They could be in either group but are genuinly the most lovely couple I have worked with! They both completed a relay Ironman together with Tim having reduced training hours due to a fall from his bike – I am immensely proud of all their achievements and commit to helping others who are nervous when they join the group.  They have joined all Team Energised Charity Events, done Energised Races, and definately are fitter in mind and body. Huge well done to you both.

Others to mention…… All the Energised Ones including Lorraine, Kate, Clara, Becky, Ruth, Emma, Ian, Jan, Phil, Chris, Anna, Dianne, Mandy, Lindsay, Graeme, Linda (RunDCRun Blog), Alex, Liz, Emma, Russell, John, Chrissie, Andria, Laura, Jane and Co!

Energised Athletes

1. Anya

Wow what an inspiring young lady Anya Tarasuik is! I have worked with her for about 5 years now, and following the most challening few months Anya has gained sponsorship from Dick Lovett BMW Bristol and is headed to London with the Synchronised Swimming. She is one of the most talented athletes I know, and the only one I know who can hold a plank for 7mins!! So much luck at the final trials Anya – you rock!

2. Sophie

Sophie Whitworth is one of the most inspiring athletes I work with – winning Gold at National, European and World Triathlon in 2010, qualifying for Kona Ironman first time, and placing in the Top 10 this year! Bring on 2012 is all I can say… check out her site to find out more!

3. Mel

Mel Ryding has had a challenging year but still came out top, impressive performances at many triathlon’s, including the World Triathlon Age Groups in China. She has gained her NLP Practioner’s Certificate and Nutrition training, developed a hugely successful on line magazine & much more – check her out!

4. Louisa

Louise Milne Home has had one her best 3 Day Eventing Season’s with a brilliant result at Burghley Horse Trials which puts her at the top of the waiting list for Badminton Horse Trials…. fingers and toes crossed Louise gets there and has her best competition ever! Good Luck 🙂

5. Dave

Dave is great! He has completed so many races that he seems to just make happen, working for himself he is exceptionally busy as an excellent builder. Triathlons, running races, Team Energised Events – whatever Dave does he does well – this year he has gain PB’s in many races, and supported many new Energised athletes in their first race. Dave and his wife Debbie deserve a big Energised Well Done!

Others to mention: Phil Triathlon, Ben & Dan Rugby, Tricia Equestrian, Daz Stunts, Danielle, Kate, Liz Sam Triathlon, Debbie Running, Matt Triathlon, Robin Running and many, many others under tight confidentiality!!

Energised Head Coach Kim’s Top 5 News Headlines!

1. Energised & Kim have now raised over £20,000 for charity in the last 6 years 🙂

2. Kim completed the London Marathon, Caledonian Etape and Sea2Summit Race – her first time at each of these crazy adventures!

3. She represented Team GB Age Group for the Triathlon Europeans and was 6th in her Age Group – first time!

4. Will be presenting at B-Fit Expo 28th/29th Jan 2012 – code KI12 to save £5 off your tickets. Running her Mental Strength for Performance and Body Confidence & Fitness: Inside Out Workshops through the UKin 2012.

5. Kim will be a National Ambassador for Sweaty Betty & Shock Absorber in 2012, plus Maxitone Body Ambition PT of the Year 2012 (Finalist  – winner to be announced!)

Other Energised Ones who Inspire Us Daily on Facebook & Twitter – check them out….. Strong Lola, Strong is the New Skinny, Not Salmon, Camilla Dallerup, In Kilter Fitness, Kelly Rennie, Dax Moy, Stuart Armory and many, many others – follow us to find out more!

So with that, until 2012 when we will Blog about how to Goal Set Effectively, Liver Detox (!) Our Predicitons, Inspirations and some exciting courses may I leave you with this wish….

To have the Very Best 2012 filled with good times, happiness, wealth, health and success. May you have the courage, commitment and confidence to follow your dreams and make them your goals. If we can help you in any way please just let us know.  With much Energised Wellbeing and Best New Year Wishes, Kim and the Team