Arthritis Awareness ….Camilla Dallerup experiences it for a day..

EP has worked with Camila for over a year now and was really interested to hear how she got on wearing a suit which replicated how it feels to suffer from arthritis on a daily basis.  You can watch how she felt by clicking on the link below – it is a really insightful, and compassionate clip.   Head Coach Kim massaged Camilla after wearing the suit all day and the effects on her body were significant.

If you would like to find out more about arthritis read on below, and for more tips and support about how to help manage arthritis physically and with good nutrition, please contact us or call Kim on 07720 845849.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is not one disease; more than hundred types of join inflammations and rheumatisms are known as arthritis. Though knees, hips, spine and shoulders are commonly affected, practically any part of human body can be affected with arthritis. In severe cases muscles, bones and internal organs are also affected which cause permanent disability or even life risk.

Severity of arthritis

Inflammation and stiffness of joints surely limit your activities like bending, walking, climbing stairs etc. Thus your functionality gets reduced and you become unable to complete daily activities like cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene etc. People may also need assistive devices for walking.

How early diagnosis helps

If arthritis is diagnosed earlier, joint deformation and disabilities can be prevented. Plenty of medication and remediation are available. If the disease is diagnosed at right time, treatment can be started sooner.

Multiple treatments may be needed

As mentioned before there are more than hundred types of diseases that are called arthritis. Basically it is a combination of medication and therapies that finally relieve joint pain. Top of that, all people do not response similarly to the same medication. Hence, you may need to try different avenues before you finally find out the right solution that works best for you.

How to stay healthy when you are affected with arthritis

Few calculative steps may help you stay well even when you are suffering from arthritis pain. Lose some weight and maintain optimum weight; obesity often worsens the situation. Stay fit, do some light exercise everyday to smoothen joint movements. Consulting therapist can be helpful. Smokers should give up smoking and you need to stay stress-free too. Also make sure you sleep sufficiently; talk to your rheumatologist in case you are insomniac.

No stability

Individuals suffering from arthritis can experience inflammation and joint pain anytime, without any persuasive cause. The person, who is fine today, may get bedridden tomorrow suddenly. No one can assure stability.

Emotional effects

Chronic arthritis is often reported to affect patients emotionally which not only adds to the suffering but hinders the recovery. Anger, irritation, bitterness, depression and unnatural fear are few to name. Such patients must be looked after with care and sympathy.

Is it important to consult rheumatologist?

Yes it is. A rheumatologist or orthopedic surgeon can diagnose the type of arthritis correctly and prescribe right medication. If you feel any arthritic symptoms you should consult a specialist or get referred by your physician. Homebound people can always buy the prescription medicines for pain relief.

Common myths about arthritis:

There are some myths and misconceptions about arthritis that often delay the healing process. Few of the common myths about arthritis are: it is an old-age disease, inadequate diet causes arthritis, wet and cold weather causes arthritis etc. None of these are true. Even children can suffer from join pain and arthritis; it has nothing to do with age, gender, diet or weather.
Chances of cure:

Treatment can reduce the pain or prevent deformity and disability, but there is no scientific proof that arthritis cures completely. So patients may need to continue treatment and therapy forever and be financially prepared for this.
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