Are you eating the right stuff? Myths & Facts around Food…


Well its only two weeks until Easter, the clocks then change and summer will be around the corner…….which means bikin weather (hopefully), surfing and a time when the majority of my clients would like to lose a little bit of weight, and feel great about their bodies.

 Anyone who has worked with me knows that I try to promote a healthy, practical diet full of good, freshly cooked foods where people can still enjoy food.   Below are a few tips and common things to help you become lighter – I hope you find them interesting and useful!  If you have any comments of feedback it would be great to hear from you.  If you would like to know more, why not come along to Fit & Fabulous starting in June or book a one to one session

So think about what you are eating and putting inside your body – eating healthy and making time to feed your body properly is all about self respect and in turn this will help you feel great!

Healthy Eating Tips & Common Misconceptions……

* Your Portion Size is Distorted……… your dinner plate should be half vegetables, a quater complex carbs and a quater protein – no dressings etc.  This would be slightly different if you are training hard.  Also remember that if you are 5ft 4 and a lady, you need a much smaller portion size than a 6ft 4 man.

* Coffee can help you lose weight…… this is a big myth as coffee is a stimulant and it prompts the body to release cortisol, which floods your system with sugar, which is then stored as fat if you do not use it. 

*  You do not have enough sleep…… sleep deprivation affects the levels of two hormones related to hunger, less sleep equals less leptin, which means you do not feel as full as you should when you have eaten, and too much ghrelin, which stimulates your appetite, so you want to eat more.  Sleep deprivation, especially between 10pm- 2am – when optimal physical recovery occurs – will result in fat storage in the lower body, making it very difficult to shift fat around this area, especially around the calves.

*  Stressed………When you are stressed your body releases cortisol into the system, releasing energy from your fat stores, giving you lots of sugar in your system.  As so much sugar is released at once – this causes the excess to be stored as fat, which is very hard to break down.

* You may be eating too much fruit…..Fruit is great for you, it has lots of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants, but it is also high in sugar so if you are not using it, it will be stored as fat……..therefore if you are trying to lose weight why not try eating more vegetables, or combining fruit with a couple of nuts to slow the release of sugars into your system.

* You use artificial sweetners…….. these are artificial as the name suggests – and therefore react of the body in the same way as caffiene and stress, ending up storing fat.  Natural products have a natural effect of the body and it will know what to do with it.

* You avoid protein……… Protein slows down the breakdown of carbohydrate and is essential for the repair and development of lean muscle – without it you may lose weight but you will not have a good, toned shape.  You may also feel tired and lack energy – protein, good quality is essential – there are 8 essential amino acids which our body cannot produce, so we need to eat it – meats, fish, bean, pulses etc…

* You have taken fat out of your diet…….. the right sort of fat is essential for your body to keep the cell membrane, nerves and brain functioning properly. You need a small amount of Omega 3, 6 and 9 daily to allow this to happen. 

* You do not have enough water in your diet…… order to break down your food properly you need to have a minimum of 1.5litres a day (your bodyweight in kg x 0.033 will give you the exact amount you need without exercise per day).  People are often just thirsty, but mistake it for hunger.  Then they eat, are dehydrated so cannot break down the food properly, so store it as fat and then eat some more.  You need 3g of water for every 1g of carbohydrate to work effectively…….and thats water, nothing else!

So enjoy your food, keep it fresh and local and I hope you found this helpful!  For diet sheets and more information please give me a call on 07720 845849 or email

 This information was put together from my knowledge and some wonderful books from Patrick Holford and an article in Elle Health.