Are you Drinking Enough Water?




Get hydrated and feel good, race well and look great…. 

Two thirds of our bodies and 75% of our muscles are made up of water, which is therefore our most important nutrient. The body loses 1.5 litres of water a day through the skin, lungs, gut and via the kidneys as urine, ensuring the toxic substances are eliminated from the body.

We also lose about one third of a litre of water per hour when glucose is turned to energy. Therefore the minimum recommended guideline for a sedentary person is 1.5 litres a day of water, diluting juices or fruit teas. If exercise is carried out, an extra 500mls of water per hour of moderate exercise is advised. Alcohol, tea and coffee are diuretics which cause the body to lose water whilst robbing the body of essential nutrients.

The Benefits of Drinking Enough Water:

* optimal muscle function

* excellent levels of mental alertness

* stable metabolic rate

* toxins eliminated quickly – stress, training, sugars…

* good breakdown and transportation of glucose – into energy!

* regulated body temperature

* good concentration levels

* healthy looking skin

* bright eyes

Dehydration – The Facts:

2% loss of fluids- poor ability to concentrate and exercise effectively

3% loss of fluids – 10% loss in strength and 8% reduction in speed

4% loss of fluids-exhaustion, fatigue, nausea, over heating

Any more than 4% can cause severe symptoms of the above, for the body

So how much water should I drink?

Body Weight (kg) x 0.033 = amount in Litres of water to drink daily

Plus 500ml water/isotonic drink per hour of exercise – TORQ products great

So get those fluids inside you to help you feel great…..for more information contact Kim on or call her on 07720 845849